Back in Operation: POEA Resumes OEC Issuance

With the suspension schedule done, POEA is now processing OECs for our aspiring Filipino Overseas Workers.


On November 12, DOLE in Department Order 185-17 suspended the issuance of Overseas Employment Certificates (OEC) for 15 days. It spanned 15 days covering the period Nov 13 to Dec 1.


This is to “cleanse” the corruption in POEA.


There has been an influx of complaints from our Kababayans, complaints of red tape, delays, and illegal recruitment.


Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello even exclaimed anomalies in his ranks. One of which is alleged illegal recruiting activities that allowed some POEA employees to bag as much a P250,000.


The suspension resulted in the reorganization and the termination of some janitors and guards. They were allegedly messengers and middlemen for the said illegal transactions.


DOLE ordered the installation of CCTVs within POEA as additional security.


Even with the resumption of OEC processing, the investigation is still ongoing.

Leandro Eclipse

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