A Checklist of Australia’s National Public Holidays

We Filipinos love to party! We are known for our hospitality and our numerous festivals across the calendar year. But upon migrating to Australia, do we forego our festive tendencies?


Luckily, Australians also commemorate and celebrate certain days that have particular national importance. And Australians are known to party hard!


Below are some significant national public holiday dates we should watch out:


New Year’s Day  (January 1)

  New Year’s Day  

New Year’s Day is a public holiday. It is the time where we draw those resolutions and start anew. (*Cue for triumphant music and fireworks*)


People take their annual leaves encompassing this period (from mid–December to the end of January). After this holiday leave, you are now ready to face the world. And journey towards your goals.


To prepare for this, make sure to follow these Filipino superstitions during New Year’s Eve.


Australia Day (26th of January)

Australia Day

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On this day, Australians celebrate the founding of the first European settlement in Australia in 1788. People go to outdoor concerts, do cricket matches, and ferry races.


Some states even have parades and fireworks.


Recently, there have been controversies on its celebration. Some argue that it should’ve been a day of mourning than a celebration because this was the time the Aboriginal Australians were invaded.


But whatever your stance is, you have the option to choose how to remember this day. It’s a free day!


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Easter (late March or early April)


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With Australia being a predominantly Christian country, the celebration of Easter is already a given. Same as most Filipinos, this day marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The cornerstone of one’s Christian faith.


Although you can’t party that hard on this day, it will at the very least give you a day of relaxation or reflection.


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ANZAC Day (25th of April)

  ANZAC Day  

This is the day the “Australian and New Zealand Army Corps” or ANZACS landed at Gallipoli in Turkey in 1915 during World War I.


This day is celebrated in memory of those who fought for Australia and those who lost their lives in war. The day is a national public holiday and is immortalized with ceremonies, laying of wreaths and military parades.


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The Queen’s Birthday

The Queen’s Birthday

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This commemorates the birthday of the Monarch as the British Empire and the Commonwealth of Nations passed it to law.


The Queen’s Birthday is celebrated on the second Monday of June and is a public holiday in all states and territories on this date except Western Australia and Queensland.


Western Australia celebrates on either the last Monday of September or First Monday of October; and Queensland, on the first Monday of October.


As you may observe, this may not be the actual birthday of the Queen. I mean, how can you have two birth dates? This is just a mandated date to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday.


The Queen also bestows prestigious Honors in this celebration like the Order of Australia, the highest honor for highly esteemed Australian individuals in their respective fields.


Christmas (25th of December)


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Christmas is a momentous event in Christianity. It is the birth of the Jesus Christ. There are quite a number of distinctions between a Pinoy and an Aussie Christmas. Filipinos celebrate as early as September!


Although Aussies celebrate it far shorter, make sure to spend the holidays with a bang!


Boxing Day (26th of December)

  Boxing Day


The origin of Boxing Day is still on debate. Some suggest it was a day on which boxing matches were held. Others believe it was a day to box presents for the poor.


For what it’s worth, it is an extension of Christmas. Not as “extended” as the Filipinos, but hey, it’s an extension nonetheless.


Let your yuletide jam play, and enjoy the holidays.


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With this, you have a checklist of the National Holidays in Australia. To know more about state-specific Holidays, visit this Australian Government Website.

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