Australian Boxer Dies Two Days After Fight with Filipino

Australian Boxer Dies Two Days After Fight with Filipino: AMA Calls for Boxing Ban

Image Source: Smith’s Facebook page   Twenty-three-year-old Braydon Smith died Monday, March 16, 2015, two days after losing a 10-round featherweight bout with Filipino boxer John Moralde.   Smith lost in a unanimous decision, 99-91, 98-92, and 97-93. He congratulated and praised his opponent before returning to his dressing room. Australian boxer Smith was reported to be alert and talkative before collapsing 90 minutes after his fight.   He was immediately rushed to Princess Alexandra Hospital where he was put into an induced coma.   James O’Shea, the family spokesman, stated that Smith, who was in the last year of a law degree, wanted to change the image of boxing. O’Shea was quoted as saying, “A lot of times in this country, the sport gets a bad rap. A big goal of his life was to show it’s not (a bad sport).”   Meanwhile, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) has called for a ban on boxing in lieu of the Australian boxer’s death. AMA president Shaun Rudd told ABC in Australia, “We believe that a so-called sport where two people knock each other in the head as often as you possibly can to win a bout seems rather barbaric.   “You’re not allowed to hit the organs beneath the belt, whereas you’re allowed to hit the organ above your shoulder, which is the most important organ in the body.”   Boxing Queensland president Ann Tindall came to the sport’s defense by saying, “It’s a tragic accident, a tragic accident as you can have in a car or any other sport, there are many sports that have deaths in them.”   References:

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