Australia to Experience Most Powerful Cold Front in Years

  Heading out this weekend? You better brace yourself for a bitterly cold weather.   The most powerful cold front in years is set to hit Australia this weekend. Forecasters warn of freezing conditions, with the weather event starting on Saturday. Unusually cold conditions are expected to last until the middle of next week.   According to Weatherzone, some places in Australia will experience the coldest spell in at least two years. Areas in the southern parts of Australia can also expect snow falling as low as 600 meters. People living in Canberra can expect the coldest temperatures since June 2009.   Let’s admit it. We, Filipinos, are not made for the cold weather. With the weather in the Philippines ranging from warm to scorching hot, Filipinos—particularly those who have recently migrated—might find it hard to adjust to Australia’s current freezing conditions.   So how can we cope with this weekend’s cold weather? I’ll probably snuggle with my hubby all day long—and make plenty of hot chocolate and champorado!  

Here are some tips to stay warm and safe in these freezing temperatures.


1. Layer up!

Layering clothes is a great way to keep you at a comfortable temperature. You can easily add another layer when it gets colder or remove a layer or two when it gets too warm. Remember to limit your layers to four or less and to use different materials. Mix heavy and light textiles. Don’t wear the same fabrics together—although with this weekend’s freezing temperatures, I’m considering wearing really heavy fabrics together.  

2. Keep in the mind the three feet rule.

When using a space heater, remember to keep anything flammable, such as clothing, rugs, curtains and paper, at least three feet away from it. And make sure to place the heater on a hard and leveled surface.  

3. Know the warning signs of hypothermia.

Prolonged exposure to cold could result to hypothermia, or abnormally low body temperature. Hypothermia is a medical emergency that requires immediate medical attention. In adults, the warning signs of hypothermia include shivering, exhaustion, confusion, slurred speech, memory loss and drowsiness. Meanwhile, children who are suffering from hypothermia may appear unenergetic with bright red, cold skin. Get medical attention immediately if a person’s temperature drops to 950F.  

4. Use heavy curtains to prevent heat from escaping through your windows.

It might seem like a simple advice but using heavy curtains in your home can be very helpful. Roughly 40 percent of the heat in your home escapes through the window. Using heavy curtains that extend below the window frame will effectively insulate your home and keep the heat in.  

5. Don’t forget your furry friends!

Remember to bring your pets indoors. If you can’t bring them inside you home, make sure that they are warm and well-sheltered from the cold. Also, make sure that they have access to unfrozen water.   How about you? How do you plan to keep warm? Leave a comment below!       References:

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