At Least 50 People Were Killed in the Christchurch Shootings: Here’s How We Can Help The Survivors

New Zealand is a mere hop across the pond from Australia, so to speak. Both countries are known for being welcoming towards migrants, especially in comparison to other Western nations.


Yet last Friday, someone shot up two mosques in Christchurch. He began his attack during Jumu’ah, one of the most highly-attended congregational prayers. Basically, to promote some ludicrous manifesto on white supremacy, the shooter chose to spill the blood of innocent worshippers.


The death toll is currently at 50, with 50 more seriously injured.


Thus, this unprecedented violence is, in Prime Minister Jacinda Arden’s words, “one of New Zealand’s darkest days.”


We here at RemitAU mourn with the rest of the world, not just for Christchurch, but for all those who continue to suffer from discriminatory violence. And since some of our readers feel the same, we’ve compiled a list of ways in which we can all reach out to the victims:


Fund/Blood Donations

Fund-Blood Donations  
  • Victim Support New Zealand – offers emotional and practical aid to grief and trauma victims. Donate to their Givealittle pagehere.
  • New Zealand Islamic Information Center/United for Christchurch Mosque Shootings – a crowdfunding page, they’ve managed to raise more than NZ$2 million so far. Check out more details here.
  • The Al Manar Trust – This organization has launched an emergency appeal for the victims of the shooting and also has a LaunchGood campaign for donations.
  • New Zealand Red Cross – They are accepting donations of cash, blood, or volunteer hours for all emergencies across the country, including the Christchurch attack. Blood stocks are still healthy, but a constant supply would be helpful. (Donated blood can only be used within 35 days.)


  • Aotea Square, Auckland – NZ’s most populous city will gather to mourn collectively on Friday, 22 March 2019.

  • Wellington – The Kilbirnie Mosque invites locals of all faiths to take part in forming a human chain around the mosque’s grounds on Friday, 22 March 2019.


Anti-Islamophobia Protests

Anti-Islamophobia Protests  
  • Love Aotearoa Hate Racism – The organization’s activists are holding an anti-Islamophobia rally in support of Christchurch’s victims on Sunday, 24 March 2019. It’s poised to be the largest anti-racist protest in the country since 1981.


If nothing else, you can also donate to Eggboy’s GoFundMe.


Let’s all do what we can for the victims and take a stand against racism, mates.

Serena Estrella

Serena joined Remit back in 2016, and has tormented its Marketing Head constantly ever since. To get through the rigors of writing about grave concerns like exchange rates, citizenship requirements, and PH-AU news, she likes to blast Mozart, Vivaldi, ONE OK ROCK, and Shigeru Umebayashi in the background. She does a mean Merida voice in her spare time too.


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