The Art of Doing Nothing: Avoid Burnout by Practicing The Dutch Concept “Niksen”

To be successful, you have to work hard. Our current working culture glorifies those who work from dusk till dawn. Squeezing every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears for that elusive dream.


But usually what happens? Too much focus on work burns us out. Contrary to the expected result, we become less productive and horribly unhappy.


We all clamor to fight this stressful burnout. Something needs to change! It’s time to try the Dutch concept Niksen, the Art of Doing Nothing.


Doing Nothing?!


You heard that right! Niksen is a concept from the Netherlands that literally means “to do nothing or to be idle”. When we step back and stop doing something intently, for sure, you had doubts in your mind. You might even feel guilty. But before you shut the idea off, hear me out first.


Niksen doesn’t mean you excuse yourself from doing all your tasks and just bask in your laziness forever. It just suggests that you must find the time to not do anything.


I mean, look at your schedule. Work from 8 AM to 5 PM. Gym 5 PM to 6 PM. Family Duties 7 PM- 10 PM. Ohh! And don’t forget your weekend classes and that foundation you were hosting?  All is good until you just burst out from all the things happening in your life. Can you tell me when are you actually free? Guess not.


Scheduling Downtime for Your Health

Scheduling Downtime for Your Health

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Niksen wants you to schedule your downtime. Similar to mindfulness, but entirely different in application.


Mindfulness wants you to be aware of your surroundings; aware of the all the things around you at the moment. Niksen wants you to completely do something without any purpose. Without being aware at all of the present. Like just listening to music, staring out the window, or just sitting adrift with random thoughts.


Resting Your Mind to Deliciously Do Nothing


The practice of not constantly occupying your mind with what needs to be done or what tasks to be accomplished. It lets you momentarily shift your gears to a slower perspective. It lets you enjoy life in respite without thinking of the present.


It wants you to “deliciously do nothing”. That is certainly sweetness in your ears.


So ready to give Niksen a try? Temporarily let go of your calendar. Switch your phone off. Enthrall yourself with the beauty of idleness.


For what it’s worth, it might save you from the health complications of all the stress you’re currently experiencing. Have fun not doing anything!

Leandro Eclipse

Leandro Eclipse is an entrepreneur who loves to travel. He believes in building multiple Location-Independent Sources of Income. Because if you are going to work anyway, might as well do it while exploring the world. Self-proclaimed foodie and tech geek. Follow him on IG @mikoeclipse.


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