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This post is an entry from Life in Australia Story Writing Contest by Arlene Marinas.


I applied for a skilled visa in April 2003, but I did not get passing marks and was told that I would be in their pool for 2 years. I could have met the pass mark if Immigration lowered it or if I could get an employer to sponsor me, so I could get the 5 points that I lacked.


After a year, Immigration increased the passing mark and I ended up lacking 10 points, so I wouldn’t have passed even if I got a sponsor. I told my husband about it, and instead put my hopes towards planning and building our own house in the Philippines.


My husband instead kept praying that I would get the visa. It was June 2004, and I asked my God why my husband kept on praying. I then heard a voice in my heart saying, “Why do you only pray for things that are possible? Have you forgotten the times I answered impossible prayers?”


Suddenly, I remembered how God indeed answered my prayers during all those times when I was most dependent on Him. Repentant, I asked Him, “If you are God speaking, tell me how I can meet the mark?” “Just believe,” was His answer. “Ok, Lord, I believe,” I replied.


A month later, I got a letter from Immigration. The date was July 8, 2004, and the letter read: “On Jan. 12, 2004, the government introduced a new visa for skilled migrants. Effective July 2004, the pass mark is slightly lower than the Independent Skilled Visa requirement.” It felt like an answer to my prayers.

  Today, I am a registered migration agent and I help people apply for suitable visas for themselves and their families.
Rica J

I am a mother, a wife and a technology loving Filipina who loves reading hi-fiction books (dragons!) , good stories, dancing, laughter, lying on the grass and eating balut. I am born and raised in the Philippines and now resides in Australia but finds myself in the Philippines for at least 3 months a year. I am part of the Filipino Australian Community and have been living between Australia and the Philippines since 2007.


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