Are You Eligible for a Work-Sponsored Regional Visa? Check Out The Full List of Occupations Here.

So, the Australian government recently launched two kinds of regional visas. First, there’s the Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa, which is for migrants with employment sponsors. And then there’s the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa, where a State government or an eligible family member can nominate you.


According to Immigration Minister David Coleman, these can help decongest areas like Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Furthermore, it would provide regional areas with much-needed access to skilled workers. 


“We are promoting growth in those regional areas that need more people,” Coleman said. “By requiring migrants to live and work in a regional area for at least three years, we are encouraging them to put down roots in those communities, meaning they are more likely to stay long term.”


Now, the question is, which jobs are eligible for these regional visas?


Skilled Occupations Eligible for a Regional Visa


Fortunately, there are several. As you’ll see in the following table*, professionals from various industries can qualify for a regional visa:

  Skilled Occupations Eligible for a Regional Visa A-E Skilled Occupations Eligible for a Regional Visa F-M Skilled Occupations Eligible for a Regional Visa N-P Skilled Occupations Eligible for a Regional Visa Q-S Skilled Occupations Eligible for a Regional Visa T-Z  

*Abbreviations: R-Regional, Work-Sponsored- employer-sponsored visa, Points-Based- visa with occupation and points-based requirements


Incentives for Prospective Applicants

Incentives for Prospective Applicants  

While the measure isn’t without its critics and skeptics, the authorities are working closely with local governments to make the regional visa more attractive. For instance, Perth and the Gold Coast are now eligible locations. Basically, with the exception of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, the government has classified all of Australia as “regional” for migration purposes.


In addition, the Federal government has allocated 25,000 places for the regional visas. They’ve also deployed Regional Outreach Officers to support regional employers to that end.


Lastly, Minister Coleman declared that these visas will receive priority processing. Applicants who opt for regional visas will have access to a wider range of jobs as compared to their counterparts in major cities as well.


If executed properly, the regional visas could benefit both areas outside major cities in need of skilled labor and migrants on the lookout for better benefits and pay. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the outcome turns out well for all parties involved.

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