How to Get an NBI Clearance: A Step-by-Step Guide for Filipinos Living in Australia

Filipinos who are currently living or working in Australia might be required to provide a clearance certificate from the National Bureau of Investigation.


An NBI clearance certificate is considered a valid form of identification and might be requested during employment applications and character assessments. There are two ways to apply for an NBI clearance while in Australia: in person or by post/mail.


The procedures of applying for an NBI clearance through mail/post are as follows:


1. Request from the Philippine Consulate/Embassy an NBI fingerprint card. Remember to provide your complete address and contact number. Requests may be sent through mail or email. You may also opt to contact them by phone. Please click on the links below for the contact details of the Philippine Consulate/Embassy offices in Australia.


2. Upon receiving the form, legibly fill in the required personal information. For married women, the order of writing the name is as follows:

  • Maiden surname

  • First or given name

  • Maternal surname

  • Your husband’s last and first name


3. Attach a copy of your latest passport-sized photograph (with white background and taken not more than three months before the NBI clearance application).


4. Go to the nearest police station or agency and request their assistance in having your fingerprints impressed on the proper spaces. Don’t forget to have the person who assisted you sign his name and official designation on the appropriate space in the card. The NBI fingerprint card should also be stamped by the seal/identity of the police station or agency.


5. Upon completion of the form, send it to the nearest Philippine Embassy/Consulate along with the following additional requirements:

  • A self-addressed express or registered envelope (A4 size)

  • A clear photocopy of the data page of your current passport stamped/signed by a Justice of Peace

  • Payment of AU$ 45.00 (bank cheque or money order made payable to the Philippine Embassy/Consulate)

  • For married women, a clear photocopy of your Marriage Certificate signed/stamped by a Justice of Peace

  • Your complete address and contact details


6. The NBI fingerprint card form will then be returned to you with the Philippine Embassy/Consulate seal.


Alternatively, you may also apply for an NBI Clearance in person. The steps are as follows:


7. Visit the nearest Philippine Embassy/Consulate office. Make sure to bring the following requirements:

  • Your valid passport

  • A clear photocopy of your passport’s data page

  • One recent passport-sized photograph with white background

  • Payment of AU$ 45.00


8. Fill in the NBI fingerprint card form and submit to the NBI processing counter.


9. If your requirements are complete, you will be asked to make the payment at the cashier’s counter.


10. Return to the NBI processing counter for fingerprint impression.


11. The completed NBI fingerprint card form will be signed by the Consul/Signing Officer and returned to you.


The Philippine Embassy/Consulate will not be responsible for processing your NBI clearance. You have two options to go about processing your NBI clearance:


Option 1: Send the completed NBI fingerprint card form directly to the NBI office in the Philippines. Don’t forget to enclose a payment in the form of an international bank cheque in the amount of Php 200.00 (two hundred pesos). Make the cheque payable to the Director, National Bureau of Investigation. The form should be addressed to:

  NBI Clearance Center - Taft Avenue Ermita
  • NBI Clearance Center

  • Attention: Mailed Clearance Section

  • NBI Taft Avenue, Ermita

  • Manila, Philippines 1000

  • Tel. No.: +632 523 8231 loc. 5499


The NBI clearance certificate will be mailed to you upon completion. Processing usually takes five days, excluding transit time.


Option 2: You may also send the completed NBI fingerprint card form to a friend or relative who is currently residing in the Philippines. Don’t forget to enclose a letter of authorization allowing them to process the application on your behalf.


Upon receiving your NBI clearance certificate, examine it closely to ascertain the presence of the NBI dry seal. This should be found at the lower left section of the certificate. The NBI clearance is invalid without it. Also, make sure to affix your thumbprint on the allocated space.

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