Anti-Texting Device in Cars Might First Launch in Oz

  Using our phones while driving is dangerous, we’ve been told one too many times—but how many of us actually heed this warning? “This call is important. I have to take this.” “My wife might think something is wrong if I don’t reply to her messages.” We always find ourselves excuses—and admit it, we always tell ourselves that there’s a really small chance of us getting an accident.   But did you know that in Victoria alone, there had been six fatal accidents that were caused by drivers who were texting? Another 16 are suspected of being related to drivers who were using their mobile phones.   What could possibly prevent these fatal accidents from happening? American space entrepreneur Scott Tibbitts might have the solution.   Tibbits invented a device that can jam texting signals and calls in cars. The gadget fits into a port under the steering wheel and can be fitted on most car models made after 1996. The device connects to the internet and distractions, such as text messages and phone calls, are held so that they don’t end up on your mobile phone.   The good news is that Australia could be the first country to launch this device!   Tibbitts was reportedly in Australia last week, negotiating with major telecom and insurance companies regarding the local release of the device.   What are the other features of this anti-texting device? –       You can customise what you don’t want and want to receive while driving. –       Once you turn your car’s engine off, the messages will come through. –       Your passengers’ mobile phones won’t be affected.   What’s more is that insurance companies are considering discounts to drivers who will use the device.   What do you think? Will you install this device on your car?     References:

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