Annoying Facebook Friends? You Can Now Just “Snooze” Their Notification for 30 Days

Ever been in a situation where you are annoyed with your friend’s Facebook posts? I mean you have been friends and all. But do you really have to post a thousand photos with your new pet salamander?! Even posting a video of your “first feed”. Sounds Innocent, but he was eating cute mice!


Or ever have that one friend who was too “Too Much Information”. I guess it’s fun to share experiences. But you don’t have to tell the world the gruesome details of your toe being plucked out straight to your partner’s soup. The catch? He didn’t even know it was there. Imagine seeing that post while eating.


Or maybe it’s giving you problems. You feel envious of the “perfect lives” of your friends. We may know in our heads that their social media life might be different with their real lives, but it’s difficult to feel otherwise. It brings you lower self-esteem and straight to a depression trap especially in teens.


You can always “unfollow” them or worse, “unfriend” them permanently. But as a good friend, you don’t want to cut them off your social media circle completely.


With Facebook’s new update, now you can hide their posts while not cutting them off for good. The Snooze update is the solution for your moral woes.

The Snooze update is the solution for your moral woes

Image Credit: Techcrunch


It works similar to the “unfollow” button. But instead of unfollowing permanently, you are just temporarily stopping their notification for 30 days in your feed. Pretty much enough time to go past their craziness.


This rollout is an answer to the user’s clamor to control what they see in their feeds. A similar solution like the “Take A Break” function.


It allows a discrete transition from “In a Relationship” to “Single” status from the previous barrage of curious questions regarding their breakup. It also grants the user to choose what notifications to see and untag pictures from the past relationship.


With these functions, protect what you see on Facebook. Expect to see the function throughout all devices within this week.

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