Amazingly Free Apps That Every Pinoy Sydneysider Must Download


Sydney boasts with glorious landscapes, abundant dining selections, rich history, extraordinary Aussie slangs, impressive art, and vibrant night lifestyle. Filipinos who are visiting or residing in Sydney shall relish what this harbour city has to offer by facing each day with quality apps.


To make your life in Sydney easier and more efficient, here is a selection of must-have tools for your iOS or Android devices.


1. Guides By Lonely Planet


Available on iOS and Android devices


What better way to begin your journey to a new city than by downloading the “Guides By Lonely Planet”?


Guides By Lonely Planet


Lonely Planet’s long-standing publishing record emphasizes on the broad travel industry coverage. Its broad scope is seen through the numerous city guides available on the app. It includes expertly curated guides to Amsterdam, Bangkok, Tokyo, Boston, Venice, Sydney and more.


For people who just moved to Sydney, you can enjoy its useful features such as navigating with easy-to-use offline maps, learning about the Sydney’s history and culture, and finding the perfect activity with powerful filtering. So whether you are keen to explore the amazing animal diversity at Taronga Zoo or to relax in the beautiful waters of Sydney’s Bondi Beach, this app is your trusty travel companion!


2. Walking The Rocks


Available on iOS and Android devices


For the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, the developer of the “Walking the Rocks” app, every rock has a story to tell. Walking the Rocks app showcases this collection of stories from the early years of the first settlement to the spectacular place Sydney is today.


Walking The Rocks


Visit a specific point of interest using augmented reality to witness what the area looked like in the yesteryears. Aside from this, what drew most users closer to this app is its exquisite minimalist design.


3. Our Green Home Lite


Available on iOS devices


Stay on top of your utility bills with an app that monitors your real time power consumption. Our Green Home Lite enables you to track your home’s energy use anytime and anywhere! With regular monitoring, it will let you pinpoint the unnecessary expenses that you need to cut down on.


To optimize the app’s functionality, you must install an “energy monitoring device” which can be bought from various retailers. The app is currently exclusive for people in Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne.


4. Australian Slang

  Available on iOS and Android devices  

For Aussies, long words do not seem to get a hold of their speech. Instead of saying afternoon they will say “arvo”. And if your Aussie partner says that you will be having “Spag bol and Chicken Schnitty” for dinner, he simply means that there will be delicious plates of Spaghetti Bolognese and Chicken Schnitzel. “Darl” is short for darling and “sus” is short for suspicious. The list goes on!


Uncover the mysteries of your Sydney conversations with the Australian Slang app. It helps you to converse like a seasoned local with a comprehensive bank of words and phrases that are unique to Australia.


5. Trackmyspend


Available on iOS and Android devices


Looking for the ultimate money management tool to aid your budget? Look no further as the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) developed a budgeting app called TrackMySpend.




This app does so much more than categorizing your expenses! In fact, you can download your financial data and import it in an accounting software. Taking advantage of the capabilities of this app will allow you to organize your finances and think of strategies to spend wisely in a relatively costly city such as Sydney.


6. iRemit


The iRemit team understands how important it is to swiftly send money to your loved ones back home, especially to those who are in urgent need. With our dedication to bring you nothing but the best…we bring you the iRemit app!


This portable yet potent innovation allows its users to:

  • easily and securely send money online from Australia to the Philippines,

  • pay online transactions within 2 minutes,

  • get updated AUD to PHP exchange rates daily,

  • receive notifications on the status of remittance directly on your device,

  • manage your receipt and remittance list, as well as to

  • enjoy exclusive promotions and updates.


What are you waiting for? Transact in the comfort of your own space and indulge on all the app’s premium features by downloading it in the App Store for FREE!


Thus ends the list of apps that are essential to lives of Sydneysiders. The best part is that all these apps can be downloaded for FREE on Google Play or App Store!


What list of apps do you want to see next? Leave your thoughts in the “reply” section below.

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