Amazingly Entertaining Activities At Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden


For anyone who needs a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, visiting the Royal Botanic Garden (RBG) is perfect way to ease your tension.


Nestled on the foreshore of the picturesque Sydney Harbor, the wondrous Royal Botanic Garden is a 200-year old serene oasis. It is a place for a myriad of incredible plants and wildlife as well as a site for scientific research.


The best thing is, entrance is always free and it opens daily from 7 am!


1. Explore And Celebrate Diversity


Would it not be nice to drag your “couch potato” self outside the house every once in awhile?

  Savour the fragrance of fresh flowers, the sight of lush grass, and the beams of  Vitamin D upon entering the Royal Botanic Garden. At the Garden, you can avail two types of guided tours: the Free Guided Walks and the Aboriginal Heritage Tour.  
Aboriginal Heritage Tour

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The Free Guided Walk allow you to explore the diversity of the plants and celebrate the rich heritage of the RBG. Accompanied by knowledgeable volunteer guides all throughout the spacious site, be ready to absorb new information about the faunas and floras. Walks start at 10:30 am and 1 pm on the weekdays and at 10:30 am on the weekends.


The Aboriginal Heritage Tour is a 90-minute tour about the traditional plant uses and the Aboriginal culture. You will even get to taste some of the bush foods too! The tour departs at 10 am every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. As a friendly reminder, please make a reservation to secure a spot.


2. Discover The Oldest Species


Since the Garden boasts with 67, 100 plant specimens and 8, 900 plant species, there are bound to be some record breakers. You will get to discover all of it upon exploring the 30-hectare site. Here are just some of my favorites:


a. Oldest planted trees in the RBG: Hoop Pine and Giant Watergum (since 1820)


b. Oldest collected specimen: Australian Red Cedar (planted in 1822)


c. Australia’s oldest street trees: Swamp Mahogany (planted in 1816)


d. New South Wales (NSW) Herbarium’s oldest collection: Collection by Sir Joseph Banks (dated 1770)


3. Witness The Magical Lights


Vivid Sydney Festival is an yearly display of spectacular lighting sculptures, contemporary musical arrangements, and creative ideas from the industry’s finest. This year, Vivid sets to be bigger and greater than ever with its broader programs of multi-genre music and mesmerizing light art across the city including the RBG. They decked the Garden with grand installations and 3D-mapped projections to create an illusion of shimmering trees and sparkling bushes.

Vivid Festival 2016 - Botanic Gardens precinct

Image Credit: Vivid Sydney

Start your magical journey of lights by passing through the colonial sea wall at the Farm Cove. It is transformed into a stretch of light art for the occasion. Then walk into the 60-metre long Cathedral of Light – an arched tunnel made of thousands of white LEDs. Leave this tunnel and enter a spectacular zone where giant figs are video-mapped to create a unique world where nothing is as it seems.

  But wait, there’s more! You can express yourself through the interactive installation at the Sentiment Cocoon. Entrance to the event is free from 6pm – 11pm until June 18.  

4. Enjoy The Blossoming Benefits


Flowers of all sizes, colors, and shapes blossom to brighten up our days. In fact, researchers from Rutgers University (New Jersey) found that the presence of floras immediately increased the participants’ happiness levels. Lucky for you, the RBG is filled with majestic roses, daisies, orchids, and more. A walk thru the Garden will surely put a smile to your face.


5. Say “I Do”


As you can see on social media, the undeniable charm of an outdoor garden wedding has been winning the hearts of many brides. I can just picture a laidback Bohemian-themed wedding happening at the center of the RBG. With the beautiful harbour views as its backdrop, it is the perfect combination of historic buildings and manicured grounds.

Royal Botanic Garden Wedding

Image Credit: Tudor Photography

The Garden consists of a number of locations to suit the vision of the ceremony. For instance, you can choose to say your vows at the oldest glasshouse in NSW or at a restored sandstone lodge.


You can also choose a spot at the Gardens to take your memorable pre-nuptial pictures. Simply make a reservation at




Address: Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Telephone: (02) 9231 8111

Operating hours: 7 am – 5:30 p,


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