Amazingly Affordable Staycation Ideas in the Philippines


You were finally rewarded with a short trip back to our motherland. Exciting as this may seems, your stay is limited. This is why you opt for staycation instead of vacation at Philippines’ finest places.


By quick definition, staycation refers to a vacation spent at home or at nearby places. It is a purposeful time intended for relaxation and entertainment. Just because you did not take the plane or train to your destination does not mean that you cannot pamper your loved ones and yourself.


From watching the sunset at a New York-inspired luxury tower to gazing the stars at your own backyard, here are some of the most amazing staycation ideas in the Philippines that are within your budget:


Rejuvenate at a Wellness Spa


After months of hustling with strict deadlines and multiple projects in Australia, you deserve a rest day in the Philippines. Use this rest day to create a rejuvenating time at a wellness spa within the comfort of your own home.


Aromatherapy has been proven to improve one’s psychological and physical well being. Begin by setting the positive mood with some scented candles. Then, eliminate the tension in your body by practicing yoga. Use audio guides or the free tutorial videos that are available on the Web. A great website to start with is


Image Credit: Monic Massage

End your day right by soaking yourself in a bubble bath which you can either buy at the mall or make by yourself.


Make Extraordinary Creations


I, for one, adore the countless hours I spend on crafty projects. Not only are they fun but they are also useful. Consider spending your day by making extraordinary creations with your someone special. Whether you want to have a friendly competition or a team effort, it is all up to you!


Here is a handy list that features 15 D.I.Y. projects that are both simple and affordable. Who knew that you can use tin cans as desk organizers or old tees as grocery bags?


Revamp Your Look


Be honest! When was the last time that you had a makeover? If you are more focused on working at the cities of Australia, it has probably been a while. Take advantage of your wee bit of free time by calling for home services that offer mani-pedis, foot spas, hair treatments, and more. A good example is the Spiral Spa.


Spiral Spa offers friendly and professional services at Urban areas such as Quezon City, Ortigas City, Pasig City, and Caloocan City. Avail their manicure and pedicure with foot spa package for about PHP 600 or just their mani-pedis for PHP 350. Visit for more information.


Camp in Your Backyard


For a unique staycation experience, nothing beats an overnight camping at your own backyard. Gather your family or friends to help you setup some tents, sleeping bags, and a campfire (or a BBQ grill). Sing joyful songs and cook roasted food while you gaze upon the stars and share great stories. Prepare yourself for some ghost stories and goosebumps!

  Camp in Your Backyard  

To spice things up even more, watch videos about the wonders of the sky. You may start with the “Exploring The Sky – Finding Stars And Constellations Documentary”.


Best Condominium in Makati


Gramercy Residences is one of the premium condominiums at Makati. It offers fully-furnished and serviced rooms with state of the art technology and world class amenities. Its infinity pool allows the guests and the residents to savor the great panoramic views of the city. Rental options start with a reasonable price of PHP 2,500.

The Gramercy Residences.

Image Credit: ccharlie3

Location: Gramercy Residences, 4738 Salamanca, Makati 1210, Philippines



Picturesque Resort in Tagaytay


The Pura Vida is a peaceful resort nestled at Tagaytay City. Pura Vida is a Spanish phrase that means “pure life”. It boasts as a tranquil place that offers the “best treat for the senses”. This is why the place is perfect if you want to recharge your body and soul.

  Picturesque Resort in Tagaytay  

Enjoy the scenic surroundings that oversees the one and only Taal lake. Not to mention, the accommodation rates are very affordable. Standard rooms for two adults start at PHP 2,500 per night. This price includes a free breakfast and access to some facilities such as a swimming pool.


Location: 5795 Sampaguita Street , Lakeview Subdivision, Crossing Mendez, Tagaytay City, Philippines



Waterpark Between Two Cities


Much like Farrah’s family from, you can enjoy a refreshing staycation at a waterpark if you live in the midst of Cebu and Mandaue. The Cebu Westown Lagoon is a well maintained waterpark that includes a no-cost picnic area. Bringing your own food and beverages is totally acceptable. This is ideal for families who have a tight budget. However, there is corkage for alcoholic drinks and lechon.

Cebu Westown Lagoon

Image Credit: pierre marius M

The affordable entrance fee ranges from PHP 300-400. While the cottage rates are between PHP 600 to 2,500. If you truly love the place and would like to extend your stay, room rates are from PHP 4,800 to 8,000.


Sold by the prices? Here are just some of the Lagoon’s awesome facilities: adult pools, heated jacuzzi, giant slides, kiddie pools, kiddie playland, free Wi-Fi connectivity, and a restaurant.


Location: FF Cruz Moonlight Street, Subangdaku NRA, Mandaue 6014, Philippines


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