Amazing Small Business Ideas To Support Your Family In The Philippines


To many OFWs in Australia, it is an implied duty to help their immediate and extended family members who are less capable of financing themselves. It becomes a habit that one cannot simply dissolve due to close-family ties and other Filipino traditions. Instead of regularly funding them every month, you can provide them with a livelihood that can last for the long haul.


Start with these 6 small business ideas that are certainly worth your time:


1. Virtual Store


A neat small business idea that you can venture with is creating an online shop or virtual store that your family can manage. You do not have to be an expert developer or programmer to build an efficient virtual store.

  virtual store  

Simply take advantage of the free website services provided by Tictail and Wix. Tictail allows its users to open a virtual store in just minutes. While, Wix allows its users to construct their own websites from scratch. Use your website to sell trendy items such as gladiator sandals, bohemian earrings, fashion jewelry, and mermaid blankets.


2. Preloved Clothing Business


Throughout your stay in the Philippines, I am sure that you passed by a couple of Ukay-Ukay stores. These stores allow the locals to look “imeldific” (extravagant) at a cheaper expense. This is the reason why many people frequent this type of market.


Ukay-Ukay or Preloved Clothing business lets you sell imported clothing for a bargain price. It is an alternative to opening a large-scale boutique or department store. Due to its unique nature, your family must employ different marketing and sale strategies.


3. Pet Lodging Station


Whether you like it or not, you cannot always bring your pets to holiday or business trips. This is why pet lodging became increasingly in-demand in the Metro. If you have a decent amount of space at your lot, consider opening a pet lodging station.


It allows people to bring their beloved babies to your shop. Think of it as a daycare center where dogs and cats are separated. I recommend focusing on one or two species first to avoid becoming overwhelmed.


4. Pandesal-only Bakery


A staple at the Filipino dining table, Pandesal can be consumed anytime and anywhere. This is why an established bakery can sell up to 4,000 pieces of this special bread every morning. Imagine if a piece sells for PHP 2 each!


Help your family open a specialized small bakery that is exclusive to pandesal. To attract more customers, ensure that your goods are of high quality.


5. Personalized Tees Printing


Filipinos love to wear t-shirts due to the tropical climate. Why don’t you start a t-shirt printing store?

  Personalized Tees Printing  

You can create realistic and artistic t-shirt designs on the spot with the recent advancements in technology. Simply equip yourself with a computer, an editing software, a t-shirt transfer paper, and several tees. Find a good supplier for your plain t-shirts at Divisoria.


Target individuals and corporations by offering discounts and packages.


6. Rice Retailing Store


Majority of the Filipinos are accustomed to indulging on rice much like our neighboring Asian countries. Unless you live in a remote area where rice is hefty and inaccessible, rice is normally consumed three times a day. This makes rice a necessity for most households.

  Rice Retailing Store  

If you have at least PHP 30,000 at your disposal, consider starting a rice retailing business. A rice retailing business does not need a pool of manpower to manage. All you need is for your family to acquire a businewss permit, secure a license from either DTI or SEC, and a license from NFA.


Read more information about this type of business by visiting


If you are looking for fresh and relevant entrepreneurial opportunities to support your family back home, you may start with these six business ideas. Research adequately in the areas that interested in before making any investments.


Good luck! 🙂

Anna Agoncillo

Anna is a Registered Psychometrician and a graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Earning a bachelor's degree with honors in Psychological Studies, lead her to a career of writing and teaching. She is also the author of the new book entitled Psychology of Love, Money, & Life.

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