Accessing Australia’s One Stop Online Government Services


Have you registered for a myGov account?


You should, especially if you are already entitled to payments and services from the Australian Government. Depending on your residence status, you may already be eligible to get security payment.


Australia’s social security payment is a residence-based system. One must be considered as an Australian resident as defined in the Social Security Act of 1991.


You may be considered as a resident if you are a citizen, a permanent visa holder or a protected special category visa holder.


In addition, Australia’s income support is based on residence and need and is funded by general revenue rather than from direct contributions by individuals and employers.


Newly arrived residents may receive some allowance payment type as a “newly arrived waiting period.” This is a period of, or periods totalling 104 weeks or 2 years.


For payments that maybe awarded to newly arrived residents, please click here.


If you hold a permanent resident visa then you can have your social security payments from Centrelink.


Centrelink is “responsible for payments and services for retirees, unemployed, families, carers, parents, people with disabilities, Indigenous Australians and people with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.”


One way of accessing Centrelink is through the myGov portal.


myGov was launched in 2013 designed to deliver secure digital government services to taxpayers. According to the website, “myGov is a fast, simple way to access government services online.”


By logging on to you can create an account in 3 easy steps.


STEP 1 Enter a valid email address


✔ Type your email address in the appropriate box.

✔ Read and tick accept terms of myGov box and click Next.


STEP 2 Wait for confirm code.


✔ Check your email account and look for mail from myGov.

✔ Copy the code and go back to mygov website.

✔ Enter the code in the box provided, click Next


STEP 3 Set Up your account


✔ Provide information in the boxes provided, click Next

✔ Check your username in your email and save it. You need that to log back in.

✔ It is recommended to register your mobile phone for security codes to receive a time-limited code through SMS every time you try to open your account.

✔ You can start linking government services relevant to you.


And ta-da you have access to a multitude of government services:

  • Medicare

  • Australian Taxation Office

  • Manage ABN Connections

  • Centrelink

  • Australian JobSearch

  • Personally Controlled eHealth Record

  • My Aged Care

  • Nanny Pilot Programme

  • Child Support

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme


It also includes an inbox where you can get messages from Medicare, Australian Taxation office, Centrelink and Child Support.


You can also create and update your profile like your address and phone numbers all in one place and be sure that all other agencies have your details updated.


The site also ensures that your security and privacy is protected.


Currently, there is over 7 million users of myGov. Sen Jan McLucas, then minister of Human Services, urged Australians to set up an account ensuring citizens of the portals ability to give quick, safe and efficient access to government services.


Unfortunately, just a few years after launch, what promised to be quick, safe and efficient became a bit of a nightmare. There are several news surfacing that myGov users are currently having access problems.


Although some news agencies report of the government’s denial of the portal’s performance, the Department of Human Services (DHS) said they are investigating the issues plaguing the online system.

  Hopefully, DHS can find a way to resolve the issue fast so that it can continue giving online access to government services as it originally promised to do.   Special thanks to Jisc for the main image.
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