Save your loved ones from the hassle of picking up remittances.

Remit to BDO Kabayan Savings to enjoy these benefits!
Free Life and Accident Insurance

Get insured when you remit at least 6 times & maintain Php25,000 through BDO Kabayan Savings within 12 months!

Click here to enroll in free insurance now!

*BDO Life is the underwriter of the insurance coverage for qualified remitters of BDO Kabayan Savings.
BDO Rewards Points!

Qualify for BDO Rewards when your account reaches Php100,000 balance! Earn 1 point per Php5,000 remittance.

Use the points to buy basic needs such as groceries, school supplies, and a lot more at SM and its partner merchants in the Philippines!

BDO Rewards is a customer loyalty program of BDO Unibank, Inc. in the Philippines.
Fast, Safe and Reliable Remittance

Withdraw anytime from over 20,000 ATMs nationwide, 24/7.

Safe, you don't need to carry a huge amount of cash. Just withdraw the amount you need and leave the rest in the account as your savings.

Easily monitor your remittances and savings via BDO Online! Visit

Easy to open so tell your beneficiaries in the Philippines to visit BDO Unibank now!

For only Php100, 1 valid ID and 1 x 1 photo, BDO Kabayan Savings comes with an ATM debit card and a passbook!

Remit to the account at least once in two (2) years to continue enjoying the no maintaining balance feature. If there's no remittance within (2) years, your BDO Kabayan Savings will automatically convert to a regular ATM savings with a maintaining balance requirement of Php2,000.

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