8 Things That Make the University of Adelaide Absolutely Tops

There’s something inherently exciting about studying abroad. Our country does not lack for good schools and universities, but pursuing further studies elsewhere can make you learn and experience quite a few unique things that you would not otherwise have encountered. I know of one girl who only learned to do her own laundry and to budget her allowance when her parents shipped her off to a university in Sydney, for instance.


Australia is quite a popular destination for those of our kababayans who wish to study abroad, and it isn’t difficult to see why. The air here is less polluted, the crime rates are significantly lower, and some of the highest-ranking universities in the world are here. The fact that a student visa can be your stepping stone towards becoming a permanent resident is also a big draw.


For weeks now, we’ve been publishing articles extolling the beauty and diversity of Adelaide. Today, let’s talk about yet another institution here that could make you want to stay long after your Australian vacation has come to an end.


The University of Adelaide was established in 1874, and is considered the third-oldest university in Australia. Apart from its impressive age, it is included in the top 1% of the world’s universities and is one of the most research-intensive institutions to boot.


Those stats, however, aren’t nearly as appealing as the university’s other qualities, such as the following:


1. There is a wide selection of courses for undergraduates.

  There is a wide selection of courses for undergraduates.  

Whether you want to study architecture, law, business, education, engineering, nursing, or the arts, you can do so here. You can even opt to study full-time, part-time, on or off campus as well.


2. They also offer a variety of online courses that you can take up FOR FREE.

  They also offer a variety of online courses that you can take up FOR FREE  

Through the university’s eclectic offerings listed here, you can gain an introduction to topics like how grapes make their journey from the vine to your wine glass to the basics of project management, as well as everything else in between.


3. The focus is on more than just academics.

  The focus is on more than just academics  

While the University of Adelaide is renowned for its research facilities and output (it is associated with five Nobel laureates and 104 Rhodes scholars, after all), you will not want for extra-curriculars either.


The typical student’s life is packed with all sorts of social activities and programs. There are all sorts of clubs and societies catering to special interests that students can join, and all pupils are encouraged to participate in the social and competitive sporting events that occur on campus every year.


You can even join the university’s exchange program if you want to study in yet another country after a term or two in this university.


4. Considerable support is provided for university students.

  Considerable support is provided for university students  

Many of the reviews pertaining to the school highlight how approachable and helpful the staff and faculty are. Enrollment and application procedures are also made as easy and hassle-free as possible by the university’s administration.


5. Facilities on the premises are simply superb.


Facilities on the premises are simply superb


There is a huge gym and library for the students’ fitness and research needs. The Barr Smith library on the North Terrace campus, in particular, is one of the biggest and most comprehensive libraries on this side of the planet.


Medical and dental services are widely available, as is support for the handicapped. Accommodation options for students include residential colleges, commercially-managed and private rentals, and university-managed dormitories.


Those taking postgraduate studies also have their own Adelaide Graduate Center (AGC), which is the office responsible for the management and administration of research degrees at the university.


6. Scholarships are available to all kinds of students.

  Scholarships are available to all kinds of students  

Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, the University of Adelaide is bound to have a scholarship program that you can apply for. Thanks to the donations of numerous industry and nonprofit organizations as well as the school’s own efforts, both potential and current students who meet the criteria (i.e., academic/leadership merit, extracurricular activities, and financial need) can study for minimal fees or for free.


7. International students who choose to study here are given full support.

  International students who choose to study here are given full support  

Before they even arrive in Australia, the school already briefs them on what to prepare, such as passports/visas, insurance, travel tips, accommodation, and advice on financial matters.


Students arriving from abroad can expect free transport from the airport to their chosen accommodation on campus, along with briefings and the usual week-long orientation program once they have settled in.


It should also be noted that the university offers quite a number of scholarships for international students.


8. You get to pick from more than one campus.

  You get to pick from more than one campus  

The University of Adelaide has five total in South Australia: the main campus on the North Terrace, Thebarton, The Waite Institute at Urrbrae, the Roseworthy College at Roseworthy, and the National Wine Center in the Adelaide Park Lands.


And if you really don’t feel like venturing all the way out to Australia, they’ve even got a sixth campus in Singapore: the Ngee Ann – Adelaide Educational Centre (NAAEC).


With the average annual tuition fee at this university pegged at AU$29,900, studying at the University of Adelaide doesn’t come cheap. But since they’ve got scholarships on offer and a guarantee that your scholastic journey here will be no less than stellar, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least give it a shot.

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