8 Reasons Why Filipinos Love The Land Down Under


Without a shadow of a doubt, Australia is one of the most secluded yet highly prosperous countries in the world. Rich with a variety of natural wonders, mesmerizing skylines, beautiful beaches, and plenty of wildlife, it is easy to see why this country is so captivating.


A country that doubles as a continent, Australia is an ideal travel and migration destination for Filipinos. On that note, here are 8 Reasons Why Filipinos Love The Land Down Under…


1. Career opportunities


Australia’s resilient economy paved way for vast career opportunities for its citizens and aspiring migrants. In fact, Australia has a relatively low unemployment rate and its shortage in skilled workers brings foreigners to the country each year.


Compared to other highly developed countries, Australia’s work permit schemes are more welcoming not only to the foreign workers but also to their families. The Employer Nomination Scheme lets you and your family enjoy an indefinite stay to work and study in Australia. While, the Long-Stay Working Visa (or Long-Term Working Visa) allows you to work for up to 4 years.


Since Filipinos families are closely knit, these working schemes help paint a brighter future for you, your beloved family, and your future grandchildren.


2. Geographic location


Australia may be one of the most remote destinations in the world but it is geographically nearer to the Philippines than other developed countries such as Dubai (UAE), United States (USA), and United Kingdom (UK). The flights to UAE, USA, and UK are quite long and expensive for some travellers.


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For instance, travelling to Australia by plane will take you approximately 7 hours to reach land. That is approximately 2 hours less than the flight to UAE and 8 hours less than the flight to UK. Not to mention, flying to USA from the Philippines takes a whopping 16 hours travel time.


If you only took a couple of weeks off work, it does not make sense to waste your precious time and few travel days on the plane.


3. Dazzling beaches


From the pristine stretches of white sand to the action-packed waves, Australia takes pride in featuring over 11,000 stunning beaches. You can either head to the busier beaches of the East Coast or to the isolated beaches at the Western coastline. With the abundance of land, I am sure that you will secure a lovely spot to relax by yourself.


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The favorite beaches of many tourists are Bondi, Coral Bay, Whitehaven, Cable Beach, and Noosa.

4. Wonderful climate


As we all know, Philippines is a tropical country that can bounce from a hot sunny day to a flooded stormy night. To enjoy the ever changing seasons, Filipinos can go to the land down under.


Australia experiences summer from December to February, autumn from March to May, winter from June to August, and spring from September to November. The snow even falls on the states of Victoria, New South Wales, and Australian Capital Territory.


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What is nice about Australia is that you can choose to migrate in a typically cool or warm area. For instance, if you prefer a cooler climate, move to Tasmania as it receives the icy breeze from Antarctica. It also snows there!


5. Fauna & Flora


The extraordinary features of the fauna and flora in Australia is due to the continental drift that happened millions of years back.

The original mammals in the area were monotremes (e.g. platypus) and marsupials (e.g., kangaroo). As Australia shifted closer to Asia, different species of animals occupied the land. Furthermore, the drift contributed to the changes in the climate of the country, which led to the rise of distinct drought and fire-resistant plants.


That said, you will find great places to indulge on the fresh flowers, the lush jungles, and the challenging hiking trails. Start by visiting Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden – for FREE!


6. Excellent healthcare


Australia has one of the world’s best healthcare system. Both its public and private hospitals are well-equipped and provide excellent services from qualified professionals. The public health coverage called Medicare is aimed to cover a wide myriad of medical services and expenses for Australian citizens and noncitizens (to a certain extent). This includes providing low-cost medicines and free treatments at public hospitals.

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If you are migrating due to your health condition, consider Australia as one of your leading picks.


7. Top-notch education


Australia has a high standard for education, which is why many foreign students come to the land simply to finish their tertiary studies. The Australian education system plays a crucial factor to your move if you are migrating as a foreign student or if you are bringing your children along.


Our Filipino education system is heavily based on the ways of United States. In contrast, the Australian education system was influenced by the British colony. The differences will help you grow academically.


Much to our luck, the official mode of instruction in Australia is in terms of the English language.


8. Australian lifestyle


Do you like to live in a place that is uber chill? Consider moving to Australia.


Laid-back is the perfect word to describe the fascinating OZ way of life. One can simply fall in love with Aussie’s relaxed lifestyle, passion for outdoors, and liberal thinking.

relaxing kangaroo

Their laid-back atmosphere contributed to friendly inhabitants that do not take themselves seriously. This is similar to how we handle ourselves as Filipinos. When faced with adversity, Pinoys find a way to positively laugh at the situation and strive to survive. We are also warm and welcoming.

These parallels in lifestyle makes it easier for a Filipino to adjust in Australia.
Anna Agoncillo

Anna is a Registered Psychometrician and a graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Earning a bachelor's degree with honors in Psychological Studies, lead her to a career of writing and teaching. She is also the author of the new book entitled Psychology of Love, Money, & Life.


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