8 Best Mobile Photography Hacks and Tricks


If you’re an Instagram user, you have probably heard of the #FeedGoals. Feed goals meaning to have beautiful themed images on your account.


Most of the Instagram users wanted to achieve this to gain lots of followers or just to improve their photography skills


The good news is, even though you don’t have high-quality cameras you can still achieve the #FeedGoals with these mobile photography hacks and tricks!


Water Droplet on the Lens

Droplet as macro lens hack

Image source: smartphones.gadgethacks.com


For an instant macro lens, a single droplet on your camera lens is the trick. Just be careful in putting the droplet so it won’t turn into a disaster.


Playing with Reflections

Play with Reflections

Image source: photographyconcentrate.com


There are so many creative ways to take photos with reflections. Every movement has different angles that can make a photo unique.


Mirror and water reflections are best when it comes to photography.


Eyeglasses and Water

Eyeglasses and spray tricks

Image source: scoopwhoop.com


To create a cool and unique filter, you can spray water on a pair of glasses then shoot the scenery that you like for a DIY filter.


Super Zoom

Super zoom photography trick

Image source: youtube.com


If you want to take photos of animals without disturbing them, you can use binoculars for an instant zoom lens.


It has better quality than zooming in through your phones.


Using Earphone as a Trigger

Plugin your earphone and press its button to use it as a trigger

Image source: gizmodo.com


If you’re using a tripod to your phone and need to be steady, you can plug in your earphones and use it as a trigger to shoot a photo.


Yes, the button on your earphone can be an alternative trigger to shoot photos without touching your mobile’s screen.



Sunglasses as a Filter

Image source: pinterest.ph


Gradient sunglasses are the best DIY filter. It can give instant filters to any photo that you’re shooting.


Strainers & Shadows

Strainers photography hacks

Image source: pinterest.ph


For this trick, you need sunlight (flashlight or spotlight) and strainers or anything that has a pattern.


As seen in the photo above, this photography trick can create various shadows with patterns. It is recommended on any self-portrait photos and even in selfies.


Choose Perspective

Shoot from interesting perspectives

Image source: photoworkout.com


When it comes to photography, perspective is important. You can shoot from eye-level or birds-eye-view, portrait or landscape. Everything depends on how will you highlight your subject.


Photography skill is not measured on what camera you’re using. You can use your mobile phones to snap. As long as you have the passion and a goal, it will reflect on every photo that you’re taking.


Photography is not just perfecting every angle or detail of the photo, it’s about taking photos that will tell a story to your viewers.

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