7 Things That Make Bondi Beach Special


Ahhhh Bondi Beach!

  It is home to glorious sunrise, blue-green waters, and friendly locals. You can choose to surf through the waves or relax at the fine shores as you are mesmerized by the amazing view of the vast Pacific Ocean.  

The word “Bondi” or “Boondi” is an Aboriginal word that refers to the noise of water breaking over the rocks. Aside from the roots of its name, there are lots of things that make Bondi Beach one-of-a kind. Here are 7 of them:


1. Excellent Surfing Culture


Whether you are a newbie or an expert at the surfing scene, Bondi Beach is best known for its enticing waves. Protected areas are suitable for a novice to learn the tricks of the trade. While, the more experienced surfers can go to the south end of the beach.


If you are surfing for the first time, there are several surf schools that offer lessons all year round. For example, you can avail the “Bondi Surf Experience” from Lets Go Surfing. This 2-hour lesson lets a team of knowledgeable and friendly instructors to guide you through the basics of surfing. Essential equipments including surfboards, rash vests, wetsuits, and sunblock are provided.


2. Vast Commercial Area


Within walking distance from the beach is a commercial area along the Campbell Parade and its adjacent streets. Here is where the diverse shopping markets, delicious eateries, quality hotels and buzzing nightlife resides.

  Vast Commercial Area  

I know how excited you are about the dining options so let me start with a Bondi Beach landmark since 1993 – Sean’s Panaroma. Sean’s Panaroma, owned by Chef Sean Moran, offers a fusion of staple Italian and Australian dishes. For dessert, you can join the queue at Gelato Messina to choose from their ice cream menu.

Image Credits: pixabay.com


3. Various Media Exposure


From gracing the exterior of an iMac to being featured in a video game, Bondi Beach’s list of media exposure is really impressive. For starters, Apple named the exterior of the 1998 iMac personal computer after the blue-green color of its waters.


Then the beach has been used as location for films, music videos, television series, and a video game including Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire, Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, and Two Hands (starring the late Heath Ledger).


4. Historical Beach Attire


Ahhhh Bondi Beach


About a century ago, Bondi Beach was the focal point of protesters who fight against indecency in beach attire. Taking it a step further is the “1935 Local Government Act (Ordinance No. 52)”, which required inspectors to measure the dimensions of swimming attires and order public indecency offenders off the beach. In fact, Jean Parker (American actress) made global headlines as she was escorted off the beach for a wearing very “skimpy” bikini.   The rule was re-examined decades after and by 1980’s, topless sun-bathing had become common at the beach. Isn’t it amazing how the Aussie beachgoer’s view evolved through time?


The beach even won a Guinness World Record for the largest bikini/swimsuit photoshoot in 2007!


5. Beneficial Yoga By The Beach


You can enjoy a rejuvenating yoga lesson by the beach or with the beach as your view. Yoga integrates the entire aspects of an individual including the body, mind, and soul. It aims to achieve a balanced, purposeful, and happy life for its practitioners. The benefits of yoga has been documented in the past. Several data has shown that practicing yoga boosts your flexibility, improves muscle strength, aligns your posture, and increases your blood flow.


One studio named BODYMINDLIFE offers a drop-in yoga class worth AU$22 and an AntiGravity yoga class for AU$31. Try it for yourself and observe how different your body will feel afterwards.


6. Amazing Community Market


Held every Sunday from 10 am to 5pm in the grounds of the Bondi Beach Public School, the Bondi Beach Market is a simple yet eclectic market run by the locals. It is basically the counterpart of our flea markets or tiangges.


The market consists of a myriad of stalls that offer handmade jewellery, fashionable hats, cool sunglasses, vintage clothing, bespoke crafts, and even furniture. It will surely provide a fun time for the whole family.


7. Prosperous Farmers Market

  Prosperous Farmers Market  

The Bondi Farmers Market is also held at the Bondi Beach Public School. However, it is open every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. You will get to choose from a variety of fresh seasonal fruits, artisan breads, farmstead cheeses, organically grown meat, handmade jams, and so much more. Items are prepared and sold by the people who grew or made them.

  The Market is a haven for health-conscious people like me!
Anna Agoncillo

Anna is a Registered Psychometrician and a graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Earning a bachelor's degree with honors in Psychological Studies, lead her to a career of writing and teaching. She is also the author of the new book entitled Psychology of Love, Money, & Life.


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