7 Things to Check Out in Blacktown, New South Wales

Welcome to Australia! Are you here for vacation or for work? Regardless if you’re scouting for Filipino friendly hubs in the land down under or you simply want to wander around, you will not go wrong with Blacktown!


Blacktown has, in fact, the biggest and most dynamic Filipino community in Australia. Settling your home base here feels Filipino enough. It’s as if you never left home.


But a life with all work and no play is torture. We don’t want you live a mundane life while working your hearts here.  So we are here to save your lifestyle! These are things to check out in Blacktown, New South Wales!


Wild Adventures in Featherdale Wildlife Park

Wild Adventures in Featherdale Wildlife Park

Image Credit: Yatra


Australia is not Australia without its flourishing wildlife. Luckily, you don’t need to go to Oz’s outskirts to get a glimpse of your favorite Alligators and Koalas.


You can check it out in the city! Visit Featherdale Wildlife Park to take that esteemed selfie with this lovable (and sometimes dangerous) creatures. Koalas, Alligators, Owls, Dingos, and more! What more can you ask for?


Meet Farm Animals in Calmsley Hill City Farm

Meet Farm Animals in Calmsley Hill City Farm

If you don’t want to go Crocodile Dundee, you can still have fun with animals. Just channel your inner Old McDonald by visiting Calmsley Hill City Farm.


Well, aren’t we all surprised? A farm in the middle of the city! They offer multiple shows ranging from milking cows to working dog shows. You can even try out the tractors and pet some farm animals as you go.


It’s a unique escape away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Strolling and Partying Western Sydney Parkland

Strolling and Partying Western Sydney Parkland

Did you know that you have a 5,280-hectare park near Blacktown? If you want to stroll around or just plain chill, go to Western Sydney Parklands.


The park has multiple attractions like the Bungarribee Park where you can do walking, cycling, and dog walking (even without their leash!). It’s the largest recreational space in Western Sydney.


Also, there are multiple places to places for a picnic or a barbie for that well deserved weekend break. Invite your friends and enjoy nature with some bites! *Burp*


Curating at the Blacktown Arts Centre

Curating at the Blacktown Arts Centre

Image Credit: wsi


Some people not only like the wonders of the great outdoors, they also might love the intricacies of human art. Look no further. A visit to Blacktown Arts Centre will satiate your creative hunger.


Curate emotional and thought-provoking pieces like those from the Balikbayan Exhibition last year. It is important to note that the exhibits change from time to time. So plan your trips for it as there is something new every time!


Treasure Hunting in Blacktown Markets

Treasure Hunting in Blacktown Markets

Image Credit: parraparents


If you’re the type who wants to go treasure hunting, the Blacktown Markets might be for you. Imagine this, 240 stalls of pure vintage treasures, collectible items, iconic fashion clothes, and fresh produce all in one venue!


Try your luck. You’ll never know what you’ll find on a bargain!


Wet N’ Wild Sydney


Image Credit: Travel Notes


If your done hunting treasure, you can frolic with your family and friends just next door (literally beside the Blacktown Markets). Go on, splash and swim in Wet N’ Wild Sydney.


This waterpark has attractions for the most risk-averse person to the most daredevil adrenaline junkie. It features multiple super slides like the “Tropical Cyclone” or “The Breakers” that will keep your heart racing. Although, best not go in alone because some risky rides need at least two to participate.


For the ones who just want to relax, you can still experience bliss in “The Beach”. It’s the largest wave pool in Australia with white sandy shores (and no sharks!). It’s time to get sun-soaked!


Watch a Movie With Style in SkyLine Drive-in

Watch a Movie With Style in SkyLine Drive-in

Image Credit: concrete playground


After your water adventure, is it nice to just lie down and watch a movie? You have great fortune today because (again) just next door you can drive in with style in SkyLine Drive-In.


It’s one of the few remaining drive-in cinemas in the country. Experience the 50’s with this vintage themed concept. Just in time for Avengers Infinity Wars next week!




Blacktown is surely a nice place to be in. These are just some of the attractions that might interest you. There are plenty more to discover.


What is your favorite place in Blacktown? I hope you have a fruitful escapade!

Leandro Eclipse

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