7 Reasons Why Visitors Keep Coming Back to National Rhododendron Garden


The National Rhododendron Garden is a place where you will find gorgeous florals, sensory gardens, the might Mount Ash, abundant picnic grounds, and a large ornamental lake. Established in 1990, the Garden has 30,000 variety of plants within its belt to date. You read that right!


Its international reputation paved way for up to 50,000 visitors each year. How is this possible?


You will find out the answer to that question as you enjoy this informative post.


1. Japanese Sakura in Oz


When I was in secondary school, my teacher introduced us to the wonders of the Japanese culture. She made us sing the wonderful Japanese folk song about the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms entitled “Sakura, Sakura”. Soon after, I fell in love with these delicate flowers.


Thanks to National Rhododendron Garden, you do not have to fly all the way to Japan to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms or the Sakura Festival. Simply enter the Garden in September to witness the full bloom of their Sakura. And if you are planning a Japanese-themed wedding, mark your calendars!


2. Abundance in Floras


The Garden houses over 280,000 species of floras.

Rhododendron Garden

Image Credit: stan kirkpatrick

Primarily designed to manifest a collection of Rhododendron species, the National Rhododendron Garden delights its guests with 15,000 Rhododendrons. There is a widespread of it in Asia and throughout the Appalachian Mountains of North America.


Aside from the national flower of Nepal, the Garden creates a yearlong visual feast with its abundance of Daffodils, Azaleas, Camellias, Lupins, Laburnums, Golden Wattles, Proteas, and Cherry Blossoms.


3. Fantastic Wildlife


Whether you are an bird watching enthusiast or not, you will greatly enjoy seeing several bird species in the Garden including peacocks, ducks, and king parrots. You can also head back to the park in the winter to witness a rare bird species called lyrebird.


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Lybirds are well-known because of the striking appearance of the male bird’s huge neutral tail.


4. Tallest Flowering Plant


Aside from its rare Lybird, the Garden is renowned for its Mount Ash – the tallest flowering plant in the world. The 5-petaled flowers of the Mount Ash are usually white and are producing small astringent pome fruits. These fruits are vital to the lives of several fruit-eating birds.


5. Numerous Picnic Grounds


With the breathtaking views of the Alps as your backdrop along with the bountiful variety of blooms and birds, you can indulge on a delightful picnic experience with the ones you love. The garden boasts with a number of picnic grounds that the guests can visit as much as they want to.

Picnic at the Rhododendron Gardens

Image Credit: Rowen Atkinson

Instead of celebrating an occasion in a lavish restaurant, consider eating in the great outdoors while spending within your means.


6. Seasonal Changes


Let me tell you a little secret here – there is no best time to visit the Gardens because its beauty radiates in accordance with the changing seasons. With every season, there is a new floral collection to adore.


7. Entrance is Free


Perhaps the major reason why visitors keep coming back to the National Rhododendron Garden is the fact that all of its goodness is always free!


Need I say more?




Address: The Georgian Rd, Olinda, Victoria, 3788

Contact: info@parks.vic.gov.au

Telephone: 131 963

Operating Hours: 10.00am to 5.00pm

Website: http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/explore/parks/national-rhododendron-garden

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