7 Real-Life Lessons Popoy and Basha Taught Us


Hello to all Popoy and Basha fanatics out there! I know you guys are reading this because you are either 1) a super-duper-ultra-mega fan of the movie, One More Chance or 2) you are very curious on who the hell are Basha and Popoy because you haven’t seen the movie yet.


First of all, I’m a huge fan of the movie (why do you think I’m writing this?), I really loved the movie because of its script, the emotion of the actors, and how it gave us the reality of how painful love is.


But of course, the reason why I’m so in love with this movie is because of the lessons that it has taught me. If you haven’t realized those “lessons” yet, then maybe you need to rewatch the film again. But before doing that and break your heart all over again, here are the lessons that Basha and Popoy have taught us (that some people are not aware of): 


Personal Space is Important

Personal Space is Important - Basha and Popoy

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“I already gave five years of my life, Poy. It’s about time you give me what I want.” – Basha


“But you’re asking for too much. Ang hinihiling mo, mawala ka sa buhay ko.” – Popoy


In a relationship, no matter how long or short it has been that you have been together, it comes to a point where one of you asks for SPACE.


Space for your personal growth and space to do the things that you wanted to do. Always remember that there are boundaries and limitations in every relationship. You can be either possessive or not caring at all. 


The secret here is to balance everything so your partner will not be suffocated in your relationship. And always, remember, ALWAYS give the crispy chicken skin to your girl whenever she asks for it. LOL.


Love Hurts


Love Hurts - Lessons from Basha and Popoy


“Lahat na ginawa ko, Bash! Ganyan ka ba katigas? Mahal na mahal kita. At ang sakit sakit na.” – Popoy


This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie because of the pure emotion of the actors. I actually felt Popoy’s pain when I watched this scene.


Now, when someone decides to quit in a relationship, the person who is left behind will surely have a devastating time. Why? Because he/she is not ready to let go.


Unlike the person who leaves, he/she probably knows that their relationship is coming to an end. Love really hurts especially if you still love your partner. And it hurts more when you need to let go and move on even if it’s against your will.


Most things will be okay eventually

Most things will be okay eventually - Lessons from Basha and Popoy

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“Hindi ba’t ikaw rin ang nagsabi sakin na kaya tayo iniiwan ng mga taong mahal natin kasi baka may bagong darating na mas okay. Na mas mamahalin tayo. Yung taong ‘di tayo sasaktan at papaaasahin. Yung nag-iisang taong magtatama ng mali sa buhay natin ng lahat ng mali sa buhay mo.” – Popoy


Remember this scene? When Popoy had finally moved on and got into a new relationship with Trisha. Then his friend Chinno attempted to kill himself because his fiance left him, he asked his friends to call Popoy because he’s the only one who understands the pain.


And even if Popoy had moved on, you can still feel and see the pain in his face when he comforts his friend.


It’s like hitting rock bottom, you have no idea on why you are there and how will you be able to stand up again but there is a little hope in you that somehow, someday, everything will be better in the right time.


Regret will always be in the end


“Gusto mo ba talagang malaman? Ako! ako yung problema! Kasi nasasaktan ako kahit di naman ako dapat nasasaktan. Sana kaya ko nang tiisin yung sakit na nararamdaman ko, kasi ako namili nito diba? Ako yung may gusto. Sana kaya ko nang sabihin sa iyo na masaya ako para sa iyo, para sa inyo. Sana kaya ko. Sana kaya ko, pero hindi eh. Ang sama sama kong tao kasi ang totoo, umaasa pa rin ako sa piling mo. Sana ako pa rin. Ako na lang. Ako na lang ulit. – Basha”


Now, this is the most iconic Basha script. The time when she realized that Popoy has finally moved on, is the time when reality hit her that Popoy has already replaced her with someone new.


The thing is, regret is always in the end. You make choices and you live with it, then at the end of the day, you’ll realize that it’s not what you really want. And when you try to bring it all back, it’s too late. That’s just how life works. 


The choices we make have consequences


Popoy: “She loved me at my worst, you had me at my best at binalewala mo lang lahat ‘yun.”


Basha: “Popoy, ‘yun ba talaga ang tingin mo? I just made a choice!”


Popoy: “And you chose to break my heart.


So yes, we’re back at making choices. Now, you need to know that whenever you make choices, it’s not only you who will be affected. Because in reality, people around you will also be affected by every decision that you make.


Remember, what you think is good for you, will not be necessarily good for others.


Healing a broken heart takes time


Healing a broken heart takes time - Lessons from Basha and Popoy


“Hindi mo alam kung gaano ko gusto sabihin sayo na, sana tayo nalang. Sana tayo nalang ulit.” – Popoy


Dealing with heartbreak is not easy but it is easier than healing a broken heart.


No, it’s not the same. Because dealing with heartbreak is all about pain while healing a broken heart is about pain, acceptance, and reviving your old self before you got broken.


Picking up yourself pieces by pieces and learning to love yourself more. It will take some time but it’s worth it.


Never miss the chance to ask for forgiveness


Never miss the chance to ask for forgiveness - Lesson from Basha and Popoy


“No. I’m sorry.. I’m sorry for not saying sorry before nung nasaktan kita. Noon kasing naghiwalay tayo, ang inisip ko, sarili ko lang. Yung nararamdaman ko lang. Yung gusto ko lang. I’m sorry, Bash naging madamot ako. Hindi ko inintindi na kailangan mo ding hanapin yung Basha na nawala nung minahal mo ako.” – Popoy


The art of forgiving. Did you know that admitting your faults and asking for forgiveness can actually make you feel better? 


Making peace with someone who hurt you is the best thing that you can give to yourself. Forgive people who have caused you pain even if they didn’t ask for it. Forgive not for others but for yourself, to heal yourself from the pain and hatred.


As the song says, we can never love ourselves and others until we learn to forgive.


Basha and Popoy’s love story have taught us that “Sometimes, it’s better that people break up – so they can grow up. It takes grown-ups to make relationships work”. And that’s the truth. 


The film One More Chance is not like any other love stories. It’s not a fairytale type of story because it gives us reality on how sh*tty relationships can be. It showed us how love can be beautiful and awful at the same time.


And lastly, it showed us the things that people do just for love.

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