7 Efficient Hacks To Beat Homesickness While Overseas

Moving to a foreign land to travel, study, or work for an extended period of time is certainly complicated!


One of the many challenges that Filipinos abroad face is homesickness – myself included. I can attest to the existence of intense longing feelings toward my loved ones back home. Homesickness hurts; however, it does get better in time.


To help you deal with homesickness, here are some efficient hacks that may just save you:


1. Indulge On Filipino Films


Whether you are a fan of romantic comedy, horror, or drama…Filipino cinema has it all for you!


Witness your favorite actors, relive some familiar places, and listen to Tagalog conversations by watching a good Filipino film or two. Absorbing these films will make you feel like you travelled back home without even leaving your couch! To watch the current and classic blockbuster hits, you can subscribe to Cinema One Global offered by TFC Australia.


Or you can come down to the theatre where the “The Achy Breaky Hearts” starring Richard Yap, Jodi Sta. Maria and Ian Veneracion is screened.

The Achy Breaky Hearts

Image Credit: TFC Australia


2. Communicate With Your Loved Ones


Just because you are relocating to Australia, does not mean that you have to detach yourself from the lives of your friends and family. One way to handle homesickness in the first few months is to know what is going on with your loved ones back home.

Communicate With Your Loved Ones

Image Credit: CampusTalkBlog


The rise of modern technology paved way for convenient ways to connect. With the abundance of social media platforms, you can now send private messages to your parents whom you miss a lot or send funny memes to your friends whom you want to tease.


3. Join Filipino Forums


If you expanded your local network and asked around, you will realize that you are not alone. There are many Kababayans in Australia who experience homesickness too. Find these people and befriend them. Chances are, they will have more suggestions on how you can deal with homesickness.


Start by checking out http://pinoyau.info and consider joining the members’ gatherings.


4. Distract Yourself In A Good Way


Channel your yearning feelings to more productive activities such as your work, chores, and hobbies. Getting busy and distracted with the things that interest you can help you to not only ease your negative emotions but also to meet new people in the neighborhood.

working outside

Image Credit: pixabay


5. Sing The Local Tunes


Filipinos loooooove to sing! This is why the Karaoke machines are the focal point of most reunions and gatherings. For those of you who are not familiar with Karaoke, are you really Pinoy?


With the huge land that Australia encompasses, you can surely find a Karaoke by that is suitable to your preferences. For starters, here is a list of the “Best Karaoke Bars in Perth Western Australia” and the “Best Karaoke Bars near Adelaide South Australia“. Adjust the filters to narrow your search.


6. Devise a Routine


Research showed that the people who feel more in control of their lives suffer from lesser levels of homesickness. What better way to reach control than by creating a daily or weekly routine?


This is not limited to scheduling chores and sleeping patterns as you can incorporate engaging and entertaining activities such as shopping for new clothes and going to a nearby Filipino store.


7. Cook Delicious Pinoy Food


One of the best ways to beat the blues is to cook a delicious Pinoy meal. Whether you are a novice or an expert at the kitchen, you can whip up the beloved adobo or the simple hotdog casserole. You can also try iRemit’s own version of puto.


“Puto is the Philippines’ version of the rice cake. It is traditionally made by pouring a fermented rice flour batter onto circular molds lined with cheesecloth or banana leaves and steaming the filled molds in a bamboo steamer with a conical-shaped lid until the cakes swell up into opaque, fluffy rounds.”

Pinoy Recipe Files: How to Make Puto

This is my favorite homesickness hack of all! *Mic Drop*

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