67 Filipinos Bound for Australia on Scholarship Next Month

Remember that Australia Awards Scholarship we wrote about a few months ago?


Well, there are now a total of 67 Filipino scholars bound for Australia thanks to that same scholarship. Once there, the chosen delegates will be able to pursue postgraduate studies in various fields like economics, trade, infrastructure, education, entrepreneurship, and public policy in the country’s most prestigious universities.


Thanks to the Australia Awards Scholarship, all of the scholars will receive a full scholarship package including tuition, health coverage, travel and cost of living allowances, and supplementary tutorial assistance.

Thanks to the Australia Awards Scholarship

Image Credit: Bangladesh Embassy


A membership invitation to the Global Alumni Network is also said to await them upon their return.


Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Amanda Gorely addressed 67 of the country’s best and brightest during their pre-departure briefing last month, saying, “The Australia Awards Scholarship offers you, the next generation of global leaders here in the Philippines, an opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development, while engaging with Australian expertise and culture.”


“At the end of your scholarship, you will return with new ideas, knowledge, and skills that will enable you to influence reforms in the Philippines as leaders in your chosen field,” Gorely added.

At the end of the scholarship

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Many of the areas in which the scholars seek to specialize in are especially relevant to the Philippines, and to maximize this opportunity, the Filipino delegates were also made to draft their Re-Entry Action Plans (REAP) prior to departure.


Each scholar’s REAP is supposed to reflect specific changes or programs they plan to enact in the Philippines once they have finished their studies in Australia. Past recipients of the scholarship came up with investment and incentive codes to create a business-friendly environment in the Philippines, particularly in Region 6. Another Australia Awards Scholarship alum enhanced the software for distributing geospatial information to the public.

Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Amanda Gorely

Image Credit: Philippine Primer


Two dozen of the delegates came from government agencies while the remaining scholars hailed from the private sector, the academe, the media, and civil society.


With so much going on in the world today, the knowledge that some of our most brilliant countrymen are poised to expand and use their expertise to make life better for all of us sparks hope for a future far brighter than anything and everything the Philippines is facing at present.

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