6 Ways to Help Manage Depression

Depression is not a new thing for every one of us. There comes a time when we just suddenly feel bad inside. We feel useless and life is meaningless. Our motivation goes rock bottom and sometimes there is a breaking point where we don’t want to live anymore.


It is a battle inside. We wouldn’t know our friends might be inflicted. Just as the recent suicide cases of renowned personalities Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. They may seem alright. They have fame and money but it’s far from what’s felt inside.


And it’s even more common in our generation. Some instances are even linked to smartphone addiction in teens and extreme pressures of the real world.


But don’t get me wrong. It’s normal to be sad once in a while. I mean that when you watch a melancholic movie or when a tragedy happens. But the problem is when you are constantly feeling down to the point of being diagnosed with clinical depression. Something must be done.


Depression Drugs Do Work, But Do We Have an Alternative?

Depression Drugs Do Work, But Do We Have an Alternative?

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There have been thousands of debates with regard to depression drugs. But in a recent 6-year study published in the Lancet, it has been proven to work as intended. Although it may have side effects, it can treat those with severe clinical depression.


But on top of the doctor’s prescription, do we have an alternative? Can we do something else to help alleviate what we are feeling?


Actually, we can. Here are 6 ways to manage depression.


Check your Daily Routine: and Try Out New Things: Vacation, New Goals, and New Hobbies

Check your Daily Routine- and Try Out New Things- Vacation, New Goals, and New Hobbies

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Your lifestyle or your routine per se might contribute to your depression. If you’re the type who is left alone, not by choice, but because you feel isolated and lonely, you certainly need to tweak something in your schedule.


Try to find something new to do. If you’re depressed, you feel like nothing goes into your way, you feel like you can’t do anything successfully. Get a notebook and write down the things you want to do and achieve. Just do the things that you think you will enjoy and have fun with.


This simple exercise might put some people back on track. With the newfound goals, you can rearrange your schedule with a new meaningful light. The excitement of a new activity spikes your happiness.


You can also try to take a break and have a vacation. It provides quite a number of health benefits. And if you know how to make the most out of it, it will prolong the happiness it can give you.


Furthermore, it may not be a grand gesture. You can just choose to add simple activities that might alleviate pressure like simply playing with a dog (even though not your own) or getting weekly massages. It will surely benefit both your tired psyche and physical body.


Try Meditation and Gratitude

Try Meditation and Gratitude

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This has been proven time and time again. Meditation is certainly beneficial to all mental disorders. And it surely will help in depression.

The practice increases levels of serotonin (happiness hormone) and decreases your cortisol levels (stress hormone). It teaches us to be mindful of our surroundings and our body. It also separates our feelings with our true selves as it quiets our mind.


Coupled with gratitude, it releases us from negative feelings such as regret, frustration, and resentment. In numerous studies, it shows that the more grateful a person, the less depressed s/he is likely to be.


A simple way to practice this is by writing the top three things you are grateful for the day. It may not be grandiose. It can start with “I am grateful for the food on the table”.


You can also try this loving-kindness meditation. You are not only meditating but you’re also focusing your meditation on being grateful. In this practice, it gives you a deeper appreciation of yourself and the world around you by directing wishes of goodwill to other people.


Exercise, Preferably Our in Nature

Exercise, Preferably Our in Nature

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Another way to stay happy and healthy is thru exercise. In exercising, you release endorphins that make you feel good. This doesn’t mean you need to do all that plyometrics or intense exercises. Just a simple routine will do.


And if you want to amplify the effects further, exercising outdoors is the way to go. There is something with nature that makes it more pleasurable. A study even suggests a synergistic effect when we are one with nature.


Not only does the Vitamin D from the sun can make you healthy, but also exercising with nature can provide a respite for our mental health.


Eat Healthily

Eat Healthily

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If you’re depressed, you should try watching what you eat. Processed foods and fast food are clearly associated with depression. If you instead munch on real foods, it will not only protect you from depression, it will also make you healthier in the long run.


Try stocking up on food types that can increase your serotonin levels like Healthy Fats, Foods Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Protein Diets. As you serotonin increase, it also helps your mood better.


Aim to Sleep Better

Aim to Sleep Better

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We all know the detrimental effects of not sleeping well. It has been linked to numerous long-term diseases. Not to mention, it affects our mood. For extreme cases, people with insomnia are more likely to even have greater levels of depression and anxiety.


So to fight one facet of this battle, try to aim to sleep enough. Only in dreaming that you can have a restful sleep. Try these 7 habits to cultivate better sleep nd I hope you rest well moving forward.


Socialize and Talk It Out If You’re Ready

Socialize and Talk It Out If You're Ready

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Being left in isolation for a long period will have harmful effects. It can surely worsen your depression. And if you’re ready, just try reaching out to your family and/or friends.


With the people you trust, try to just chat and socialize. When it comes to the point where you are ready to tell your story, talk it out and express how you feel. Having someone who will help you, even just one friend who will listen without judgment can save you from all these engulfing emotions.


If you don’t have anyone, you can seek out a life coach, a therapist, or a psychiatrist. But I hope you get someone to talk to.


You may feel alone in this battle. But I tell you, you are not alone. Reach out to someone. You will be surprised as more people do understand. You will get through this. Trust me.

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