6 Things You Are Doing Wrong When Shopping


From buying an item just because it is on sale to mistreating the salesperson, here are the common shopping faux pas that you shall avoid:


1. Purchasing Something For Sale’s Sake


My aunt frequently goes on emotional shopping trips that last for more than 3 hours. Whenever she is bored or frustrated, she goes to the mall and buys an item or two. She will proudly showcase all her purchases as soon as she gets home. When asked about the rationale behind her purchases, she frequently mutters the phrase: “sale eh”.

  Purchasing something for sales sake  

There are many customers who fall prey to the “SALE” factor, much like my vulnerable aunt. Just because Adidas is offering 60% off on their sneakers does not mean that you have to buy 3 pairs! Do you really need new pairs of sneakers? Are you likely to use all of them within the month?


Some people spend on unnecessary products or services in order to save a substantial amount of money. You probably realize how irrational that sounds. An optimum way to avoid falling to this trap is to clearly distinguish between your needs and wants. Buying items just because your impulses tell you to or just because these are on sale can ultimately lead to debt.


2. Skipping The Fitting Room


Whether you are skipping the fitting room because the queue is too long or because your shopping time is limited, it is another shopping mistake. Clothes look more visually pleasing when they are displayed among the pile of beautiful items. This is why you must test the clothing article out before purchasing it.


Go to the fitting room and take some pictures. The mirror and lighting can deceive you but, the pictures do not lie.


3. Going To The Store Unprepared


Going to the store unprepared may lead to wasting your hard-earned money.


It is a good practice to read the online ratings and recommendations before purchasing anything. This practice is especially helpful when you are hunting for makeup. If you are buying cosmetics from a particular brand for the first time, read and watch the reviews on the Internet. Not only are these resources free but these are also very helpful!


Come to the store prepared, make a shopping list, and stick to it.


4. Avoiding The Online Coupons


Couponing is a technique used by a shopper to pay less for groceries, clothing, tickets, and more. Coupons are available in both the traditional stores and the online merchants. If you frequently patronize products or services from a particular brand then, you can consider couponing.

  Avoiding the Online Coupons  

Many retailers allow coupon codes on their websites or accept printed online coupons at their physical stores. You simply have to spend some time searching for the coupons online. Start with these websites: iprice.ph (PH), shopback.ph (PH), groupon.com.au (AU), and coupns.com.au (AU).


5. Ignoring The Return Policies


I recently bought a pair of earphones for my friend as a birthday gift. It fit him perfectly and there were no initial issues. So, I threw the receipt away along with its 30-day warranty. Big mistake! The cord loosen up a few weeks later. If I did not threw the receipt away, I would be able to replace it.


Learn from my mistake. Acknowledge the store’s return policies and save the receipt. Most stores give you 7-14 days to return your unused or faulty item.


6. Disrespecting The Salesperson


Every now and then, I see some Filipino shoppers who argue with the salesperson. Some encounters are even posted on social media. Although these people are fighting for their consumer rights, these encounters may hurt the merchant-client relationship in the long run.


You must never show off your wealth or disrespect a salesperson. Instead, you must treat him or her nicely by smiling and by asking courteously whenever you shop. This seemingly simple act of kindness can go a long way! The salesperson may offer you special discounts or free samples and keep you in the loop about the upcoming promotions.


We experience shopping faux pas of different magnitudes, from time to time. The intensity of these magnitudes can directly affect our financial situation. For instance, if you constantly invest on cheap clothes that are poorly made, you are more likely to replace them frequently. You will end up spending more than what you previously expected!


Other common shopping mistakes include purchasing something for sale’s sake, skipping the fitting room, going to the store unprepared, avoiding the online coupons, ignoring the return policies, and disrespecting the sales person.


How about you? What are your worst shopping mistakes?

Anna Agoncillo

Anna is a Registered Psychometrician and a graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Earning a bachelor's degree with honors in Psychological Studies, lead her to a career of writing and teaching. She is also the author of the new book entitled Psychology of Love, Money, & Life.


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