6 Signs That You’re Wasting Money

In today’s time, spending money can be done whether you’re outside or inside your home. Thanks to technology and modernization, people can now shop anything online. Bags, clothes, food, appliances, you can order them in just one click and wait until it arrives on your door.


An easy peasy process, but this process can actually have a huge impact especially when it comes to our spending routine. Not like the old times, we can avoid going to malls to prevent buying unnecessary stuff but now? Not buying and shopping online is actually considered as a challenge.


So, how would you know if your spending routine is not healthy? Well, better check these list to know if you’re actually wasting money:


Buying Poor Quality

Buying Poor Quality

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If you think that you’ve actually saved money, then you’re wrong. Buying poor quality and a cheap product will just cost you more money and time. It’s better to buy expensive things that will last for years than to buy cheap products that need to be replaced every month or weeks.




Drinks- Bottled water, coffee, alcohol


Some people might not realize this, but buying bottled water frequently actually cost you a lot of money just like when it comes to expensive coffee. Alcohols are also the number one cause of losing money. If you want to have fun and spend wisely, better drink moderately.


Buying Stuff on Sale

Buying Stuff on sale

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Before buying, make sure that it’s really on sale. Some clothes, shoes, and appliances are often on “sale” even if they’re not.


And at the end of the day, when you buy something on sale, you didn’t save any money, dear, because you just spent money.


Paying for Things That You Can Do Yourself


Paying for things that you can do yourself


Ordering food? Laundry? It’s okay if you want to hire these services but make sure that you’ll not make this as your daily routine. Spending money on the things that you can do is actually a waste of money.


Impulsive Buying

Woman carrying shopping bags

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Impulsive buying is a traitor. Imagine, you’re in a mall and you see a purse. It looks nice and you can actually use it. Then you check the price, it’s quite pricey but you can afford it, after all, it has good quality. You’re thinking to buy the purse, or maybe you should really buy it. You grab it and paid on the counter. You felt happy.


When you arrived at your home, you placed your new purse in your cabinet and you realized that you still have plenty of new purses from last Christmas presents.


Yup, waste of money.




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Too lazy to pay on time? Late payments that require fees and penalties can be pricey. Each day that you fail to pay off balances or procrastinate paying a fine can cost you extra money in the long run.


In this kind of situation, laziness is really costing you money, literally.

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