6 Signs that You’re really an Introvert


These days, people are being confused about whether they’re just shy or are they an introvert. Some of you might even think that an introvert is someone who doesn’t like to talk to anyone at all. Or a person who sits in the corner and read books, but no.


Introverts can also be around with people but they have a limit. If you want to know more about introvert people, then here are some of the top signs to spot an introvert. 


Being Around Lots of People Drains Their Energy

Being Around Lots of People Drains Your Energy

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Introverts can actually socialize with people. They can go to parties, drink, and have a good time but they have a limit. Being around with lots of people can actually drain their energy that they choose to go home early. Yes, they can socialize but not for hours especially with strangers.


Once their energy is drained, they need some time alone to recharge and be ready to socialize again.


They Like to Learn by Watching

Like to Learn by Watching

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I remember one book that I’ve read about a boy named Charlie. His friend told him, ‘He’s a wallflower. You see things. You keep quiet about them. And you understand.’


And as I understand it, an introvert is someone who sees things and understands it without any explanation from others.  It’s like they like to observe things and understands them. No small talks needed.


They Prefer a Smaller Circle of Friends

Prefer small group of friends

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Introverts do have friends but they love to have a smaller circle. They want to be around with people who they trust and comfortable with. They become talkative with them but when there’s a new face introduced to them, they will instantly crawl back to their shells.


They are More Comfortable Expressing Themselves in Writing

More Comfortable Expressing Yourself in Writing

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Text messages are better than calls. An introvert is not that comfortable in picking up phone calls especially if they are just an acquaintance. Some of them don’t even like to chitchat for hours on the phone. They prefer to express themselves and communicate through writing.


They have a Strong Inner Monologue

Have strong inner monologue

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The inner voice in the back of their minds is so strong that they are hard to shut off. They often remember the things that they do from the past and sometimes it makes them hard to sleep.


“Remember when you’re in an argument with your friend? You should’ve answered their questions better.”


They Notice Small Details that Others Miss

They notice details that others miss

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Introverts are very observant and sensitive. They can notice small details and understand it quickly. They notice the way people react, the way people talk, and how they respond. But no worries because instead of judging you, they will try to understand and look for reasons why you acted that way.


Being an introvert is not negative. It only means that they have a different kind of lifestyle and they enjoy solitude. It should not be considered as weird because that’s who they are.


What we must do is to accept and embrace our uniqueness and always understand and not judge others.


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