6 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit the Fleurieu Peninsula

Have you ever heard of the Fleurieu Peninsula? If you haven’t, you’re not missing much.


South Australia has loads of beautiful beaches, rustic vineyards, and multiple attractions like museums, cultural centers, and wildlife preserves. Why on Earth should you even bother venturing all the way out to this little peninsula on the south side of Adelaide?


Well, here are six reasons why you shouldn’t even consider it:


1. The water is just too darn blue.

The water is just too darn blue

Image Credit: Australian Traveller


I mean, just look at it! Look at it! Doesn’t all that gorgeous azure blue move you to tears? (Okay, tears of unequivocal, awestruck joy at such a sight, but tears nonetheless.)


2. There’s nothing to do here.

  There’s nothing to do here  

After you’re done casting a line at the beach, estuary, riverbank, salt-crusted jetty or wherever else the fish might be up for bait, whale-spotting (i.e., watching these majestic and playful creatures blowing water from their spouts or slapping their tails around) in the waters off Victor Harbor, Port Elliot, or Middleton, biking, walking, or even riding a horse down the Coast to Vines Trail or the Kidman Trail, exploring old shipwrecks and coming face to face with the world-renowned leafy sea dragon (found only in South Australia’s waters), or just soaking in all that glorious Australian sun, you’ll have nothing left to do.


3. It’s hard to get a decent meal….when you’re this spoiled for choice, that is.

  It’s hard to get a decent meal  

Faced with options like Winehouse Kitchen’s Everything but the Kitchen Sink Platter (smoked leg ham, brie cheese, olives, dried almonds, dried fruit, and other kinds of gourmet cheese served with crackers and toasted ciabatta), Serafino McLaren Vale’s achingly tender Beef Cheeks braised in Pedro Ximenez and served with herbed gnocchi and parsnip chips (matched with a Serafino Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 to boot), Angas Plains’ Roasted Pumpkin and Beetroot Salad with a sticky honey dressing, or even just the produce fresh off the peninsula’s terrain (think huge strawberries swathed in thick, rich Jersey cream), you won’t even know where to start.


Don’t even get me started on the wines. Ugh.


4. Your kids will be utterly, utterly bored.

  Your kids will be utterly, utterly bored  

What kid wouldn’t be if s/he had to drop that iPad to play on a real-life mini golf course (complete with boats, lighthouses, and whales) down at Victor Harbor? Or attend a surfing lesson at South Coast Surf Academy?


5. Nothing interesting ever happens here.

  Nothing interesting ever happens here  

Sure, there are the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival, Strathalbyn Antique Fair, and the Langhorne Creek Cellar Treasures Weekend in August, along with the Victor Harbor Rock and Roll Festival, Cape Jervis Community Market, Serafino Wines Free Tasting, and the Lower Lakes Stockmans Challenge and Bush Festival in September.


That doesn’t include the numerous other Sunday markets, musical performances, and art exhibits that take place the whole year round, but yeah, you can pretty much forget about finding any semblance to art or culture in the area.


6. The accommodations are just ghastly.

  The accommodations are just ghastly  

For AUD150/night (about PHP5,340), you can stay in a three-bedroom cottage with an LCD Television, a DVD player, a fully-equipped kitchen with a dining room comfortable enough for six people, and even a relaxing spa tub in the master bath.

Utterly gross, right?


Given all of the things mentioned above, do YOU still want to go to the Fleurieu Peninsula?

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