6 Filipino Street Food That Aussies Must Try

Gastronomical gems await as you stroll through the busy streets of the Philippines. Diverse and vibrant blankets of dishes influence why the country is so “fun”. I dare you to bring your Australian friends or co-workers in this journey!


The Addictive Stick


Image Credit: A Not So Popular Kid


Average Price: PHP 5/STICK (About AUD 0.13)


Aussies with a fairly strong stomach can try the timeless “pulutan” (i.e., appetizer that is taken with alcohol) called Isaw. You prepare Isaw by grilling and marinating the chicken or pork intestine. The finishing touches are the variety of dips. Personally, I prefer showering my Isaw with the spicy vinegar. One inexpensive stick is not enough!


The Sweet Delight


Average Price: PHP 10/CUP (About AUD 0.26)


Image Credit: HangingRice Cebu


Our local street food scene is not limited to the fiery grilled sticks! One proof of that is the delicious Taho. Taho’s base is essentially soft or silken tofu. It is drizzled with caramelized brown sugar (i.e., arnibal) and topped with tapioca or sago pearls. This is usually sold by the vendors who peddle along Philippines’ busy streets. Your Aussie lover would love its sweet and chewy goodness.


The Exotic Kick


Average Price: PHP 11/PIECE (About AUD 0.29)



When foreigners visualize a plate of exotic Pinoy food, one of the first things that cross their minds is Balut. Balut, often sold at night by street vendors, is a fertilized duck egg that has been boiled. It has been made popular by international television shows such as the “Fear Factor”. Your Aussie friend will be delighted by the warm slurp of Balut (i.e., mental images aside).


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The One Called Dirty


Average Price: PHP 10/CONE (About AUD 0.26)

dirty ice cream

Image Credit: The Poor Traveler


An Australian may be taken aback by the unappealing name of the “Dirty Ice Cream“. Truth be told, this type of ice cream is not dirty. It is simply a way to differentiate between the traditional ice cream and the store-bought ice cream. As you stroll through the Filipino streets, encourage your mate to try one of the most unique tasting ice creams in the world!


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The Orange Wonders


Average Price: PHP 20/CUP (About AUD 0.52)


Image Credit: Brian Dys Sahagun


The Filipino street stars will not be complete without the Kwek Kwek. As Pinoys have a habit of giving their children with repetitive names, this is a good representation of our culture. A piece of our culture is always worth sharing to our Aussie friends.


Kwek Kwek is a deep-fried quail egg coated with orange batter. A similar version of hard boiled chicken egg is called Tokneneng.


The Festive Delicacy


Average Price: PHP 10/PIECE (About AUD AUD 0.26)


Image Credit: Karla Vanessa Redor


Nothing screams Christmastime louder than a batch of Filipino delicacies. The festive streets are filled with colorful treats to suit the churchgoers appetite. You see, it is usually sold during Simbang Gabi (i.e., Christmastime masses).


For Aussie spouses who have recently been introduced to our culture, Puto Bumbong translates to steamed glutinous rice cooked in bamboo. You will not regret trying this!


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Heighten the thrill and save some bucks by discovering what is in store for you at the Filipino streets. Prepare your Australian appetite as you spot some of these popular eats at schools, terminals, and parks.

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