52 Jobs Flagged for Removal From Next Year’s Skilled Occupations List


A skilled worker visa is one of the best ways to begin your entry into Australia. Because the country offers so many great opportunities for people who possess skill sets that are in short supply, the Skilled Regional visa has been attracting skilled migration for years indeed.


Last 2015, quite a few jobs were added to the Skilled Occupations List (SOL). This is basically a guide for all aspiring skilled migrants who wish to see if there’s a place for them in Australia’s workforce since the list reflects the gap between the skills of native Australians and the ones needed to get certain things done.


Filipino migrants are usually a shoo-in for professions like nursing, carpentry, and front-end programming, among many others, and the demand for skilled labor in those jobs remains constant. If you are planning to apply for a Skilled Regional visa next year, however, do take heed that some jobs on the SOL are in danger of being struck out.


Due to a semblance of excess supply in the labor market, the following professions may no longer be included in next year’s SOL:

  1. Accountant (General)

  2. Production Manager (Mining)

  3. Management Accountant

  4. Taxation Accountant

  5. Actuary

  6. Land Economist

  7. Valuer

  8. Ship’s Engineer

  9. Ship’s Master

  10. Ship’s Officer

  11. Surveyor

  12. Cartographer

  13. Other Spatial Scientist

  14. Chemical Engineer

  15. Civil Engineer

  16. Geotechnical Engineer

  17. Quantity Surveyor

  18. Structural Engineer

  19. Transport Engineer

  20. Electronics Engineer

  21. Industrial Engineer

  22. Mechanical Engineer

  23. Production or Plant Engineer

  24. Aeronautical Engineer

  25. Agricultural Engineer

  26. Biomedical Engineer

  27. Engineering Technologist

  28. Environmental Engineer

  29. Naval Architect

  30. Medical Laboratory Scientist

  31. Veterinarian

  32. Medical Diagnostic Radiographer

  33. Medical Radiation Therapist

  34. Occupational Therapist

  35. Podiatrist

  36. Speech Pathologist

  37. General Practitioner

  38. Anaesthetist

  39. Cardiologist

  40. Endocrinologist

  41. Gastroenterologist

  42. Intensive Care Specialist

  43. Paediatrician

  44. Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

  45. Medical Practitioners (nec)

  46. Barrister

  47. Solicitor

  48. Psychotherapist

  49. Psychologists (nec)

  50. Chef*

  51. Boat Builder and Repairer

  52. Shipwright

*Except for similar positions in the fast food service industry


Surprisingly, many of the jobs found to be in excess supply in Australia are ones that are considered highly specialized in ours (e.g., medical specialists). Thus, this news isn’t entirely bad. It could very well mean that those of our kababayans who weren’t fortunate enough to pursue such specialized and expensive vocations will have a better shot at landing higher-paying jobs in Oz next year.

Serena Estrella

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