5 Tips for Filipinos Sending Money to the Philippines for Home Renovations

  A lot of Filipinos who leave the country for better opportunities aim to give their families back home better lives and one of the primary items on the agenda would be making improvements on their physical home.   Taking a look at Filipinos who send money to the Philippines, a bulk of their remittances often go towards home renovation.   Home renovation is more than just adding a room here or adding another level there. There are just so many factors involved, things that when set aside could lead to wasted time and resources.   For Filipinos working abroad who hope to make improvements on the houses they left back home, here are a few tips that would help make the entire process a more seamless and successful one.  

Don’t sacrifice quality for cost

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It’s not about wasting money. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.   A lot of Filipinos have this “Pwede na yan” (That will do) mentality that they neglect to see the bigger picture. Sure, you were able to save on costs today because the alternative proves to be cheaper at the onset.   Give it a few years or so and you’ll find yourself in need of frequent repairs and maintenance work and you’ll see that when you think of the long-term, the materials with higher quality, though more expensive, will save you more money. After all, you DO get what you pay for.


Make up your mind early on

  You know what causes huge delays and hard-to-solve issues? Indecisiveness. Especially when it comes to home renovations, changing your mind about what kind of faucet to use and what wallpaper will be applied every so often will not only mess up timelines, it could also ruin measurements and other things that have been planned earlier.   This is why no matter what happens, you have to dig through as much material as you can and discuss every possible option with your contractor way before the project starts. And the moment the contractor starts work, no changes should be made unless absolutely necessary.  

Get everybody out of the house

  Sure, they say they can take the noise, the dirt and the dust. But in the end, all the job being done will take its toll on the people living in your house, and will eventually affect the quality of work being done by your contractors as well.  

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Although it will add to the total cost, find a temporary living space for your family back home so that their daily routines will not be as affected by the construction work going on.   Especially when there are children around, the site could be a dangerous place for them. You also have to think about the amount of distraction that they could cause to the workers. The workers would have to pause every time someone passes by, or stop when someone walks up to them.   Just have someone check up on the work being done regularly, but never let your family live in the same place where work is being done.  

Think twice before following trends

  It’s quite normal for people to want to follow trends, especially when it comes to home improvement. Filipinos in Australia, for example, could find something really appealing to them in an Australian home and would want to apply the same design concept to their home in the Philippines.   But some design concepts only work for specific areas, and you would have to remember that the conditions there are different. Also, trends could come and go. What appeals to you now may not be as appealing to you in the next year or two and you can’t exactly renovate your home each time a new trend comes around.   Decide on what styles you truly want and think about whether this is something that you would like to have for a long time. If you feel that you will eventually outgrow it, then just move onto the next options and look for something that would be more timeless.  

Always make room for a few allowances on the budget

  No remodeling or renovating project has ever met the budget requirements set at the get-go. More often than not, the costs will always balloon beyond the limits set as unexpected detours and issues are met along the way.  

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This is why you should always have some extra money set aside in case the contractors are unable to stay within the budget you have set. The last thing you want is for your project to stop in the middle of it all just because you have no money left to pay for further work to be done.   It’s exciting to know that you can finally make the home improvements you have always dreamed of using money that you worked hard for abroad. Just don’t get overexcited about it and forget about the basics. Remember that every issue and delay also means more money spent and time wasted, and that’s something that no homeowner would want.

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