5 Things to Do to Get Ready for Spring

  Another year has gone by and it’s finally time to usher back spring into your life. Of course, as the weather starts to warm up, there are also a lot of opportunities for you to finally enjoy the things that you missed during the long winter. It doesn’t matter if it’s about your home, your activities, or yourself. You just have to start putting together that long list of things to do as you welcome spring once again.   Here are a few things that you just have to add to the list.   Get your outdoor space ready   If there’s one thing that people look forward to once spring comes, it’s the chance to finally enjoy the outdoors again. Clean the old grill and start preparing for fun weekends out in your yard. Might as well check on your outdoor furniture while you’re at it, because spring is the perfect time to entertain guests outdoors.
Spring colour in Brisbane

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  Of course, never neglect to check on your garden as well. Once the weather is warm enough, your blooms will finally start growing again.   After all, that’s what spring is about, right?   This also means that you’d have to get ready to take care of the weeds that would definitely start showing up. When this has become a dilemma every single year, then mulch is probably going to be the best weapon to bring out right about now.   Bring in some colour   What’s the biggest difference between winter and spring? The colours!   As the blooms start popping out, might as well work with it and start thinking of how you can take that vibrancy from those spring flowers and into your home. Start swapping out the curtains, table runners, towels, and everything else, choosing colours that you know matches the energy that spring brings with it. Get your vases out too, because you’ll definitely be having a lot more flowers to harvest and display the moment spring kicks in.   Of course, you can’t just quit once you’re done with your home. You yourself would have to match all those colours as well! It’s time to spruce up your wardrobe with soft pastels mixed with a few earth tones, the perfect way to blend in as the rest of your backdrop also starts to have some colour.   Start getting back into shape   No matter how covered you were during the cold winter months, spring would mean shedding of some of those layers as the temperature rises. This means that you would have to prepare your body as it becomes a little bit more exposed once again.

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  You can start out by hitting the gym, something that you probably neglected when the weather was colder, and eating and sleeping were the more enticing options.   As it is also easier to work up a sweat now, you can also start running again. This is also the perfect entry point for those who have not really been active at all in the past, but would like to start now. Even walking around the block a few times could help you sweat it out a bit.   Get some cleaning done.   Sure, spring cleaning is such a tired cliché. But you would have to admit that it does make sense to do it this time of the year. I’m willing to bet that you kept your house shut solid the entire winter, so it’s easy enough to imagine how much dust and dirt has accumulated in corners that you wouldn’t dare venture into any other day.   Start with the furniture and move things around, revealing those hidden spaces that dirt may have crept into. Might as well sort out cabinets, cupboards, and other storage spaces as well and consider getting rid of things you don’t need anymore.   Now if you’re the type who doesn’t really need to get any spring cleaning done because they do a little cleaning each day that nothing ever accumulates, then good for you.   Plan a few repairs   Winter, especially if it gets a little bit too harsh, can take its toll on your home. This is why you really need to check on any damage that the winter might have caused and start planning repairs that you can start once spring comes around.

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  Check your walkways or other paved areas around your home, as there could be cracks that need to be fixed and loose bricks that have to be replaced.   Consider having some repainting done as well, especially if your home’s exterior has not been given the maintenance work it needs in quite a long time. Look for leaks that may result from pipes becoming brittle with the cold weather.   Just for fun, you could also consider adding some life to your home’s façade so that your home can really rock out spring. Changing the door and painting it a bold colour for example, could be quite a refreshing change.   Special thanks to Tim Poulton for the main image.
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