5 Qualities an Effective Leader Must Embody

LEADER; the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.


Commanding people what to do and leading them on the right path. Sounds easy, right? That’s why many of us want to be leaders, it’s just giving orders and communicating, no big deal.


Honestly speaking, everyone can be a leader if we want to but not everyone can be a good leader. Ever experienced a leader a.k.a The Dictator? Yes, a leader who dictates everything that he wants but never makes an action. A leader who sees his followers as slaves that should do anything that he wants whether you like it or not. Well, that kind of “leader” must have misunderstood the true meaning of being a leader.


The act of leadership is the ability to empower others to achieve a collective set of goals for a progressive future. And to be an effective leader he should have these kinds of qualities:


There’s No “I”, Just “We”

Leader and Employees working happily together

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In times of successes, an effective leader always acknowledges everyone’s effort. Whether it’s a huge or small amount, he’ll still consider it as an effort.


An effective leader should not think that success is not possible without him. His perspective should be, success is not possible without the help of others.


Willingness To Learn


Again, life is a learning process and we should always be willing to learn for our own personal growth. An effective leader never closes his doors for new learnings. Even if he is entitled to be a leader, he should not be a Mr. Know-it-all.


A leader-follower relationship should always be a give and take process. An effective leader should be willing to share his knowledge with his followers and also accept knowledge from his followers.


Encourage And Inspire

Leader encouraging his employee to be better

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An effective leader should always encourage his followers and not criticize them. Instead of pointing out what is wrong, he should encourage and inspire his followers to do better.


Inspiring and encouraging a person will have a positive outcome in his work. That’s why when a working environment is pleasant, a person tends to be more productive.


Always Be Compassionate


An effective leader should always be compassionate. He should understand that his followers are also humans with different emotions. Knowing that every person has different strengths and weaknesses, a leader should handle his followers with full kindness.


He’s also aware that he cannot please everyone but he can be compassionate to everybody.


Knows How To Listen

A leader listens to his employees suggestion

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“Listening is appreciating others, and is the best way to build trust”


Before concluding, an effective leader is eager to listen. He will listen to every side to know the cause of a certain problem and to understand the situation before taking action.


This kind of quality strengthens the relationship between the leader and the followers. It will build trust to both sides that can make their bond stronger than ever.


Being a leader sounds easy that’s why many people are wanting to be future leaders. But sadly, many people had also misunderstood the role of leading that sometimes it causes chaos and problems to a certain group, company or even in a country.


A lot of effort, knowledge, patience, and compassion, that’s what a good leader is made of. Because being a leader means being selfless and prioritizing others. It’s about serving your followers and helping them to grow without expecting anything in return.

Samantha Baluyot

Sam joined Remit this 2018. She is a Journalism graduate who loves to see the world in different point of views. Her goal in writing is to inspire her readers to have a better perspective and to live a meaningful life. She may look aloof but she’s a very friendly and a happy-go-lucky person.


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