5 Fun Things to Do In and Around Victoria Square

As part of the Commonwealth of Nations, it’s only natural that Australia would have a monument of some kind to a famous British monarch, namely Queen Victoria. Fittingly dubbed “Victoria Square” back in 1837 when the said queen ascended the throne, this public area is located right in the middle of Adelaide. With a statue of the legendary queen gracing the center of the square, this landmark is impossible to miss if you find yourself visiting this part of Australia.


And that’s a good thing too, considering how this area is often abuzz with various activities throughout the year. Apart from the Yuletide season, where passersby will inevitably find a huge Christmas tree holding court in the northern part of the square, Tarndanyangga (as the Kaurna people call it) is a great place to do any of the following:


1. Listen in on a Musical Festival.

  Listen in on a Musical Festival  

As with any lively area, Victoria Square often showcases the best of local musical talent. Events like Music in the Square feature live performances by some of Adelaide’s finest musicians. These festivals often go on for days at a time and the event itself is free, but you can purchase snacks and drinks from the food vendors that are usually present during these gigs.


2. Go on a Walking Food Tour.

  Go on a Walking Food Tour  

Adelaide has its share of weekend markets and quaint local eateries, and a walking food tour is often the best way to have a taste of everything that’s on offer. These tours also start no more than 0.4 km from Victoria Square, so you should have no trouble finding your designated guide.


Whether you book with the Secret Foodi Tour or Adelaide Central Market tours, this activity is sure to lead to delightful culinary discoveries that even long-time Adelaide citizens have yet to uncover.


3. Watch Dancing Water Fountains.

  Watch Dancing Water Fountains  

Aqua Beats is part of the ongoing Music SA’s Umbrella Winter City Sounds Festival, and it is every bit as magical as it sounds. Now, what could possibly beat the sight of a simple yet beautifully-engineered water fountain moving vibrantly along to your new favorite song?


Seeing it for free, that’s what.


4. Admire the Works on Display at a Local Art Festival.

  Admire the Works on 
Display at a Local Art Festival  

For much of August 2016, the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) will be putting on a 24-hour art show called SALA in the Square here in Tarndanyangga. The works of Ursula Kiessling, Lucy Turnbull, Daniel Connell, Gus Clutterbuck, and a few more of South Australia’s most dynamic artists will be on show, so you’re bound to come across something that will spark your imagination for days to come.


5. Take a Couple of Amazing Selfies.


If nothing else, Victoria Square is home to a lot of glorious sights. The surrounding architecture and the accompanying monuments in this area all make great backgrounds for that #ootd selfie you need for your daily Instagram post. Go ahead and snap a photo in front of the Victoria monument, by the various garden terraces, or next to the iconic Three Rivers Fountain.


As you may have noticed, only one item on this list doesn’t come for free (and even then, the sheer amount of food and drink you’re sure to sample on the walking tour will more than make up for the price tag). So, not only is it possible to entertain yourself on a budget here in Adelaide, but doing so is damn near effortless and undeniably pleasurable as well.

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