5 Easy Ways to Resist Spending Temptations

Spending temptation may sound easy but once you experience it, it can leave you and your wallet crying.


Imagine, waiting for your payday to come while you’re already thinking about the things that you want to buy. Then when your salary arrived you realized that you’ve planned too much and you are now broke two days after payday.


I know that spending temptations are very hard to resist, trust me, I’ve been there. But you can still help yourself and stop wasting money on things that you don’t need with these 5 easy ways to resist spending temptations:


Take What You Need Not What You Want

Take What You Need Not What You Want

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If you’re going to the grocery store, it is wise to have a list of the things that you NEED to buy to avoid all the temptations.


There’s a thin line between your wants and needs and you better know their difference. Can you live without it?


Yes? Then better put that back in the shelf ‘cause you don’t work for hours just to waste money!


Don’t Count the Your Salary if it hasn’t Arrive Yet

Don’t Count the Your Salary if it hasn’t Arrive Yet

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Just like what I’ve said earlier, don’t count eggs before they hatch. Counting money before it arrives will only mess your budget.


This hobby can also mess your expectations vs. reality concept and at the end of the day, you can be either broke and disappointed or disappointed and broke. What?


Avoid Online Shopping

Avoid Online Shopping

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Ahhh… online stores, the place where all the temptations gather. 50% off, free shipping, and freebies, who doesn’t want to shop online?


One click and it will arrive in front of your doors. No credit card needed because you can now pay it with cash upon delivery.


Not easy to resist, right? But you can, of course! How? Here’s the secret.


Remove all your online shopping apps! You don’t need that negativity in your life. And no, don’t even try to access that online shop on your computer.


Always Take a Minute before Buying

Always Take a Minute before Buying

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Here’s the easiest one. Before buying, please do ask yourself if you really, really need it. Impulsive buying can haunt you even in your dreams.


Before buying your wants, ask yourself “Do I really need this?” The answer is no because you’re better than this, girl!


Instead of Buying put it to your Savings

Instead of Buying put it to your Savings

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Instead of rewarding yourself with expensive clothes, fine dining, and gadgets every payday. Why not put it into your savings?


I’m not saying that you don’t deserve a reward from all your hard work, balanced happiness and spending is the key to fulfillment. But having your own saving is the best reward that you can give to yourself. Can I get an amen?


Spending temptations can only be hard if you let it defeat you. Always remember that you’re the one in control here. So if you let temptations eat you, then you’ll be the one who’ll suffer.


Now, sashay away all the temptation and spend your money wisely before it’s too late!

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