5 Benefits of Being Single You Might be Thankful For

Are you single? Now that Valentines is over, you can stop sulking and celebrate the hallmarks of your singleness.


Why do you have to, you ask? Because you got all the reasons to! Savor your bachelor/bachelorette life because there are certainly advantages of being single!


If you don’t believe me, these are the 5 benefits of being single you might be thankful for.


More Leisure Time


Ever found yourself doing more things for recreation? A US research found out that most single people have more time with leisure compared to married couples. Single people have an average of 5.56 hours a day of leisure time compared to 4.87 hours for married couples.


It is understandable because of the arguably more manageable responsibilities a bachelor/bachelorette has. Imagine managing your spouse. Now, you get what I mean.


More Time for Restorative Solitude

More Time for Restorative Solitude

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And with more leisure comes more time healing. Contrary to popular belief, introverts are not the only people to take advantage of recharging alone. Everyone needs restorative solitude once in a while.


Not to be mistaken to loneliness, it is clearly different from it. Loneliness is you being isolated with a wanting for people to be with you while restorative solitude is a DELIBERATE CHOICE to be alone for a good purpose.


And to boot, it gives multiple psychological benefits. You can reflect more. You can find answers bothering you. You can get more perspective in your life.


Better Social Health

Better Social Health

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If you are constantly alone, it just means that single people have problems in their social life, right?


Research says otherwise. In another study, single people are believed to be more in touch with their family and socialize with friends and neighbors than married couples.


Being single doesn’t mean we seclude ourselves from the outside world. In fact, single people compensate the aloneness by being connected with their peers and family. Delight in more partying!


More Exercise

More Exercise

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Another perk of being single is that we get to exercise more than our married counterparts.


In a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, single males (8 hours and 3 minutes) and females (5 hours and 25 minutes) exercise more compared to married men (4 hours and 47 minutes) and married women (4 hours).


Getting more exercise prevents chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Who would’ve known that your relationship status could get you healthy? Now you do.


More Money

More Money

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And for the final most important part (at least for me) being single allows you to have more money.


Imagine the saved costs from dinner dates and weeksary gifts (if this is your thing). Single people also have lesser credit card debt and are more generous compared to married couples.


With no assumed shared debt from your partner or upcoming obligations (raising a child!), surely, you can for rack up some dough.




Being in a relationship certainly has its perks. But you don’t have to consider yourself a lesser person just because you don’t have one. To light up your day, read these 5 benefits again. Assure yourself that this status has its bonuses.


After all, you don’t need anyone to make you happy. You make your own happiness. It is fully in your control. Cheers!

Leandro Eclipse

Leandro Eclipse is an entrepreneur who loves to travel. He believes in building multiple Location-Independent Sources of Income. Because if you are going to work anyway, might as well do it while exploring the world. Self-proclaimed foodie and tech geek. Follow him on IG @mikoeclipse.


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