5 Amazing Places for Affordable Holiday Spree in the Philippines


It’s December. The clock is ticking as Christmas draws near.


The Pinoy Christmas will not be complete without filling every corner of the house with festive decor, attending family reunions, and exchanging thoughtful gifts. Your economic status does not matter! If you are a Filipino, it is embedded in our culture to share our blessings to the people around us during the Yuletide season.


Whether you are coming home for the holidays or are financing your family’s Christmas shopping, you do not have to spend an insane amount of cash for the occasion. Simply know where to shop!


The Versatile Star


Kicking off the list is the longstanding go-to spot for affordable shopping – Divisoria. Hearing the name of the place gives me a surge of memories. I visualize the myriad of products and services as well as the crowded streets and shopping centers. The place is so packed that you will feel like a piece of match inside a matchbox! This is why it is best to plan your trip as early as you can.


Image Credit: Ruth dela Cruz

When it comes to bargain goods that you can purchase in bulk, Divisoria reigns supreme. The incredibly low prices cannot stop you from negotiating an even better deal. Go ahead! Use your persuasive skills to keep a well-stocked supply of gifts for your beloved family members and inaanaks (i.e., godsons and goddaughters).


Just remember to keep your valuables inside the car and only bring the exact amount that you’re willing to spend.


The Record Holder


Baclaran’s charm is not only limited to its miraculous church as its flea markets attract many visitors. Since the ’80s, Filipinos have been flocking to Baclaran for dirty cheap items that serve as good Christmas presents. I remember my aunt who bought 6 pieces of children’s underwear for PHP100 only!

Baclaran Shopping

This is not the place for quality goods as much of these are knock-offs of the designer brands. Nonetheless, a variety of products are sold here. You will find just about anything from accessories to toys and pets to plants.


Baclaran offers bargain finds on the sidewalks despite being surrounded with high-rise buildings and shopping malls. Try to visit during Mondays when the place is less packed.


The Woodwork & Garments Capital


Dubbed as the Woodwork and Garments Capital of the Philippines, Taytay (Rizal) has never failed to satisfy its clients. A wide range of bazaars and tiangges with quality clothing await you from the wee hours of the morning until the late afternoon.

This place stands out from the rest as its selling prices start at PHP 25! This is because the materials and the merchants are found there.


You may purchase a beautiful and classic romper for only PHP 140! The price is outstanding as it generally retails for PHP 1,000 on average. Living up to its label, fabrics are sold for about PHP 200 per kilo.


The One That Is Unique

Maginhawa Street is known for its delicious plates at budget-friendly prices. However, what you do not know is that it houses a bookworm’s paradise. Have fun hunting through a few first edition hardbounds and unique second hand titles.

bookay ukay

Image Credit: Marcushiro Nada

Put a smile on the face of your receiver by adding an interesting twist to your gift. Even the shop’s name oozes with playfulness – “Bookay-Ukay”. It is an ode to Ukay-Ukay, a second hand clothing shop that many Filipinos love.


As expected, all of the books are sold at bargain prices! Bookay-Ukay is situated at No. 78 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village East, Diliman, Quezon City.


The Contemporary King


Modern technology paved way for contemporary methods to sell products and services. These methods include online marketplaces. For the Yuletide season, I recommend visiting three good virtual shops namely LAZADA, Istorya Creations, and AVA.


Image Credit: Intel Free Press

LAZADA offers a myriad of local and international items that you can shop effortlessly and have it delivered at your doorstep. From the latest gadgets to in-demand cosmetics, you name it as they have it! Payment options include Cash on Delivery, Credit Cards, BDO Installments, PayPal, and Bank Deposits.


If you want to personalize your present for a significant someone, you may do so by purchasing a jewelry piece from Istorya Creations. The shop has a variety of types, designs, and items that you may choose from. What’s more? You can engrave anything (e.g., dates, names, or quotes). Payment options include Globe GCash and Bank Deposits.


Lastly, AVA stands out from the rest as it offers high-end local and international brands. It carries accessories, clothes, bags, cosmetics, and shoes. A stylish woman’s haven! Your best bet is waiting for the sales or clicking the “sales” tab in order to stretch your buck.

May this list help you to find the perfect gift for that special someone! Enjoy shopping! 🙂
Anna Agoncillo

Anna is a Registered Psychometrician and a graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Earning a bachelor's degree with honors in Psychological Studies, lead her to a career of writing and teaching. She is also the author of the new book entitled Psychology of Love, Money, & Life.


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