4 Important Things to Know About the Telecommunications Act for Aspiring Remote Workers

How do you like commuting in the Philippines? Fun? Do you find solace in fumes of toxic carbon monoxide, the scorching summer heat coupled with looming organized thieves that are skilled in divesting your mobile or even your hard-earned vehicle? To add insult to injury, travel times are comparable to a one-way ticket abroad. A 15-minute drive to almost 2 hours of travel time during rush hour.


By that time, I should have been halfway to Japan. No wonder a study by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) estimated a total loss of P6 Billion a day from 2.4 Billion back in 2014. The fruition of this prediction might be imminent now unless there is intervention. But finally, one senate bill was passed to partly address the effects of this economic loss, The Senate Bill 1363.


Senate Bill 1363 titled as “AN ACT INSTITUTIONALIZING TELECOMMUTING IN THE WORKPLACE AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES” aims to lessen the burden of both employers and employees to ultimately combat this economic decline.


Telecommuting from the adjunction of “tele” (referring maybe to telecommunications) and “commuting” (referring to traveling to and from work). This just means working from anywhere with the aid of the Internet.


Simply put, you “telecommute” to work instead of commute. The legislation inked the rights of the company’s directly hired employees should s/he voluntarily opt for a work from home setup. And these are the four most important things to know about your rights as a newly endowed remote worker.


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Pay Rates

Pay Rate

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Will the pay rate drop because of this modernistic setup?


Absolutely not! In fact, you are still entitled to the normal computations for regular pay, overtime pay, holiday pay, night differential, leaves, and etc. This means you are saved from the hassles of the dreaded “work commute”.  Imagine, you get more time to work on a new hobby, to learn a new skill, or just plainly to relax and rest. Moreover, this setup can open new doors for perpetual travel as a digital nomad.




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Can I just do whatever I want when working?


It is important to note that this setup is mainly built on trust. Some companies might have the software to track your progress, but some companies might not. Having this quality, the employer need not constantly “manage” an employee.


And for the employee, it gives flexibility to pace your work progress. The law suggests that the workload of a remote worker be the same as that of a regular one. Therefore, this is not an excuse to pass poorly made output. To check the common misconceptions of remote work, click here.


Training and Career Development

Training and Career Development

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What about training and career development?


The senate bill explicitly said that we are equally given the access and opportunity as compared with the on-site workers. This means, provided that we pass the standard and appraisals, we can also go to seminars and training programs of the company. How cool is that?




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I feel alone in the workplace because I don’t see anyone. What should I do?


The bill might have implied the importance of socializing. It was stated that measures should be in place to avoid “isolation” of the employee from the rest of the working community.


The employee has the right to the premises of the company and communication to the worker’s representatives.  It may include but not limited to Christmas Parties, Company Outings, and Events as long as it gives him the opportunity to meet with other colleagues on a regular basis.


In the end, remote work may or may not be for everyone. But the changing times are moving towards the streamlining of this now untrodden career path. With this law, and this imbued benefits, what is there left to ask for?

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