3 Storage Tips for Your Small Home

  More often than not, workers who decide to try their luck overseas do not exactly have the biggest and most lavish houses back home. The rooms are usually small, and the space, very limited.   So when the pasalubong starts pouring in and your family starts having more stuff than storage space, the problem as to where everything will be kept starts to surface. Sure, that’s not exactly a bad problem to have, but it is a problem that needs to be solved, and building a bigger house is not exactly a solution that comes cheap.   In the meantime though, you can help your family apply a few storage hacks that could help them store more things despite the limited space.   The higher the bed, the bigger the space   Why think about extending your space, when you actually have plenty of unused space around you?   The bed is one of the biggest pieces of furniture inside every home, but that doesn’t mean that the space it occupies should be left useless when it comes to storage options.

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  By raising the bed, you open up storage space as big as the bed itself. Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to just stash random stuff underneath. We’re asking you to be creative and add a bit of flair as you open up the opportunity for a DIY project.   Instead of having just a huge area of empty space amidst the four bed posts, grab some wood, a handy hammer, and some nails and start putting together shelves, drawers, or cabinets. These can be attached to the current bed posts, or you can remove the posts altogether and use the cabinets as a platform for your bed.   If you do not have the talent, skills, and patience required to DIY anything, there are so many carpenters you can hire in the Philippines who can help you raise the bed and add stylish drawers and cabinets underneath.   Use hanging shelves instead of cupboards and bulky cabinets   If there’s something that’s common in almost every Filipino home, it’s the presence of huge cupboards and cabinets that take up so much space no matter what room they may be in. Such is the problem that hanging shelves offers solutions to as it opens up so much additional space underneath.   There are hanging shelves that you can buy at any DIY or hardware store, and they are fairly easy to use as well. Just make sure that you reinforce these shelves depending on what you plan to place there.  

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If it’s mostly clothes, then that should not be a problem as clothes are often lighter.   If you’ve been sending your kids a lot of books however, you have to warn them that they have to make extra sure that the shelves will be able to support the weight, as rows and rows of books are unbelievably heavy.   As for the space left beneath, you can place the desk that has always been tucked away at an odd corner of the room, or you can place chairs, sofas, and other pieces of furniture that have always had a hard time fitting in.   Make the most out of every inch of space   There’s so much extra space around every room, if you know where to look.   You can hang towel rails at the back of the door for example, but this doesn’t mean that you can only hang towels there. You can use these rails to hang belts, accessories, and bags especially if you hang a few S-hooks on each railing.  

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Even the ceiling can give you a few storage options as well. Simply screw a hook into a corner of the ceiling, hang sturdy chains from it, and you can easily hook bags, hangers, and other stuff throughout the entire length.   You can also look for empty corners where you can add corner shelves.   Going the DIY route when it comes to home improvement is not exactly a huge Filipino thing, but if you coach your family the right way, they would be able to get the hang of it eventually. Start out with these storage hacks and find them becoming more into it as they open up new spaces for all the pasalubong you’ll be sending home.   Special thanks to Jon Cooper for the main image.

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