2020 Planners That Will Suit Your Personality


2019 is almost over and a new year is about to come. Have you enjoyed this year? Did your plans go well? Or you’re just currently shocked how fast the days went by?


Planning and sticking to your schedule is quite helpful especially in adulthood. Time management is the key to fruitful days, months, and years. Yes, it’s kinda tough and of course, boring but there are fun ways to give a little excitement to it.


Just like having a planner that will suit your personality. Love to doodle? Want it plain and white? Or want some motivation quotes every week? You can have those in these newly released 2020 planners that will give you the enthusiasm to plan your activities in the upcoming new year!


Weekly Buffalo Diary 2020 (P679)

2020 A5 Weekly Buffalo Diary (P679) from Typo

Image source: spot.ph


The A5 Weekly Buffalo Diary released eleven different designs. Some are plain, has a tropical vibe, and some are floral. Its compact size makes it very easier to bring wherever you go. It has a ribbon page marker, elastic fastener, weekly layout, public holiday pages, etc.


You can get these classy planners online by simply ordering it here.


Walk-in Love 2020 Planner (P624)

Walk-in Love 2020 Planner (P624) from Love & Light Co

Image source: oneloveandlight.com


A hand-written and fully illustrated planner filled with inspiring and empowering original artworks and handwriting. Walk-in Love 2020 planner has five special sections for purpose and goal-setting, gratitude and mindfulness, dream-chasing.


It also has monthly workbooks for setting your financial, career, and personal/faith goals.


Get yours here!


Papemelroti’s Pocket Planners (P20)

2020 Pocket Planners (P20each) from Papemelroti

Image source: papemelroti


Want a small planner that you can bring everywhere you go? This cute size planner by Papemelroti might be perfect for you! It has various artistic and motivational designs that you’ll be needing to conquer 2020.


The best thing about this planner is its price! For only P20, you can plan your whole 2020 right away!


Order here


Design Your Life 2020 Planner (P695)

Design Your Life 2020 Planner // Flip-through

Introducing: DESIGN YOUR LIFE 2020 PLANNER!!Here's a flip-through our what's inside– fun monthly themes/designs, a ton of extra productivity pages, and lots more unique features! Tag someone who might want this!Orders yours (or for a friend) here: https://www.cnsdesigns.com.phIf you're in the USA, Mexico, or Canada, you can order here: http://stickiesbycns.com/

Posted by Design Your Life Planner on Monday, 21 October 2019

Design Your Life planner aims to combine work with play and style with functionality. It is made to achieve your every goal by using the right planner. It an all in one diary, scrapbook, and planner where you can write your ideas, memories, and dreams. Just like its name, it will give you the chance to design your own life!


Order this planner here!


2020 Focus Journal (P525) 

Focus Planner (P525) from Belle De Jour

Image source: crazyaboutpaper.com


“Clear the mind and consciously approach each moment with gratitude”. The 2020 Focus Journal will help you live a successful life and help you focus on your goals. It has special pages to review your months and your #LifeDeclaration, and it can be customized with your name but there’s an additional fee.


Order your Focus Planner here


Premiere Planners 2020 (P249) 

2020 Planner from Premiere Planners

Image source: facebook.com


Aesthetic designs and a budget-friendly price. The Premier Planners has weekly layouts and monthly overviews of your plans and goals. It can also help you with your budgeting since it has a budget tracker and also a travel checklist for your #travelgoals.


Order here


2020 MUJI Planner (P395)

2020 Planner from MUJI

Image source: facebook.com


A planner made for you by you! MUJI planners are known for being plain and simple. That’s because they want you to decide how you want to customize it and how you want to work. It also comes in different sizes and colors that you can choose from based on your needs.


Checkout their planners here.


FILED Doodle Planner (P595)

FILED Doodle Planner

Image source: filed.com.ph


To everyone who’s into doodling, the FILED doodle planner is the best pick for you guys! This planner features monthly artworks by Henrick Dulin, a spacious monthly and weekly overview so you can still doodle, a back pocket, and charm bookmark.


This planner helps you to boost your creativity, play fun drawing activities, and release the inner child in you. This doodle planner will surely make your 2020 a fun and playful year.


You can purchase this planner here.


Motivating yourself to be productive every day can be tough especially if you’re getting older. But you can still change that perspective and give a little excitement to your adult life. Self-discipline, time management, and budgeting are very boring but with the help of these unique planners, we can flip that boringness to productiveness.

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