20 Must-Have Apps for Remote Work

You only ever need two things to be a great remote worker (apart from competence and professionalism, but come on, those should be a given): a good Internet connection and the right set of apps.


Because pretty much everyone and your grandma are using apps nowadays, I won’t bother to explain what they are. Instead, today, we’ll talk about the ones that can make remote work, particularly collaborations, flow a lot more smoothly:


Communication Apps

  Communication Apps  

When you’re working with a remote team, you can’t exactly just tap someone’s shoulder in the next cubicle if you have questions about something. Instead, you synchronize schedules and make use of the following to keep in touch:


  1. Skype


    We here on iRemit rely on Skype all the time, and our Marketing team utilizes the group chat function to brainstorm ideas, keep up to date on our tasks and responsibilities, or simply to check in with each other. It also helps us contact our boss in Australia for free, and I’ve personally used it to conduct an interview with an Aussie business owner for one of my articles to great effect.


    And hey, the animated and season-appropriate emoji’s are a nice plus too.


  3. Hipchat


    When used with other Atlassian productivity apps like JIRA (see further down this list), this group chat app can really streamline your workflow in the best way.


  5. GoToMeeting


    This connectivity app makes video-conferencing a breeze, something that cross-country remote work groups will surely appreciate.


  7. Zoom


    Zoom’s platform allows up to 70 people videoconferencing simultaneously, and you don’t even need a Zoom account to use it. A Zoom user can simply send a link to someone else inviting them to a videoconference, and everything’s golden. As an added bonus, this app is also capable of recording meetings, integrating calendars, and enabling its users to share screens.


  9. Yugma


    Like the other apps on this list, Yugma offers free web-conferencing with shared desktops and files, though you may have to pay extra if you’ll be doing so with a big group.


    Productivity/Project Management Apps

      Productivity/Project Management Apps  

    These help you stay on top of things and enable your team to have access to crucial information as you work on major projects or tasks. Some of the aps listed here also serve to keep everyone on schedule.


    1. Trello


      Perhaps the most widely-known project management app for remote work, Trello relies on a system of cards and project boards to enable telecommuters to function seamlessly.


    3. Sunrise


      This calendar/planner app can be integrated into popular apps like Facebook or Trello, sparing you from the trouble of having to manually update your calendars on the said applications.


    5. Asana


      Thanks to its myriad of tools for assigning responsibilities, organizing tasks, and outlining goals, efficient and effective remote workers abound on this project management app.


    7. Momentum


      This app serves as a personal dashboard that displays everything you need to stay motivated and focused throughout the day, such as crucial reminders, notes on upcoming events, and even an inspirational quote, should you feel the need to pin one onto your desktop.


    9. Focus@Will


      Ask any remote worker: having the right playlist in the background can really make a difference in your productivity. This is precisely what Focus@Will offers: scientifically-backed ambient music that fosters better concentration and a longer attention span.


      Personally, I prefer to put Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” on while I work, but the reviews on this app’s site do sound promising.


    11. Solo


      If you are a remote freelancer drowning in administrative tasks like time tracking, invoicing, and other menial project management chores, this app will make short work of them for you and thus free up your time to attend to more fulfilling matters.


    13. Wunderlist


      Do you find yourself forgetting what you should be up to on certain days? Wunderlist is for you then. This application employs a tracking and scheduling program for to-do lists as well as appointment logs.

        You can even use it to draw up grocery lists and to plan your next vacation. How cool is that?


    15. Every Time Zone


      Working with an international team of remote workers makes scheduling tricky because you’ll have to juggle different time zones. With Every Time Zone, you have an instant reference for the most ideal time to do a videoconference with everyone on board.


    17. JIRA


      Development teams will get a kick out of JIRA’s features that aid in the tracking of bugs, issues, and overall project management concerns. It used to get a bad rap for how difficult it was to navigate, but it’s so much easier to use now and project managers can even customize their views and define complex or simple workflows through this platform.


    19. Google Docs


      No list of remote work apps would be complete without the ones on offer from this company. Heck, we on the Marketing Team use this to keep us all updated whenever there are new or pending tasks to be done, and I typically craft my articles using this program. As is typical of the straightforward search engine, this platform is also easy to understand and to utilize.


    File Storage/Sharing 

      File Storage/Sharing  

    Because of the sheer amount of documentation that remote work requires, it’s much better to use apps for storage lest your computer inadvertently crashes, jeopardizing important files in the process. These apps also allow you to access work documents from a different computer, should the need arise.


    1. Dropbox


      Arguably the no. 1 choice for folder storage and sharing, Dropbox is a godsend for the exchange and back-up of large files and for just about any form of collaborative work.


    3. Box


      As per their own description, Box “lets you secure, share, and edit all your files from anywhere.” Need I say more?


    5. Meldium


      More of a password management app, Meldium allows members to grant others access to the information they need without having to share passwords.


    7. Google Drive


      Google Drive allows you to back-up all your important files, including photos and videos, and also enables you to access them online wherever there is an Internet connection.


    9. PandaDoc


      This app is great for automating your contracts and proposals as a remote worker, and also enables the use of electronic signatures so that you can close more deals and thus earn more.


    With apps like these, it would be difficult indeed for a remote worker to miss a deadline or a physical office, for that matter, eh?

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