20 Most Popular Work-from-home Positions (And How to Find Them)

While it’s come into prominence fairly recently, working from home is far from being a novelty. Apart from those who engage in manual labor, just about every employee has telecommuted in at least one instance. (Yep, sending a work-related email to your boss via your smartphone while you’re at the gym counts.)


Working from home isn’t just convenient; it also allows employers to tap into a far richer pool of talent. Thanks to the flexibility that a set-up like this offers, working parents, veterans, people with health issues or disabilities, and even military spouses can be drafted as full-time remote workers. Little wonder then that more and more employers are offering remote work options for an increasingly diverse workforce.


Still, remote work is more common in some professions than others. So, if you’ve long considered joining the growing ranks of telecommuters, you may want to take a look at the following list of the 20 most popular work-from-home positions and see if your skill set would be suited to any of them:

  1. Writer.

  2. Consultant.

  3. Customer Service Representative.

  4. Sales Representative.

  5. Engineer.

  6. Account Executive/Manager.

  7. Software Developer.

  8. Case Manager.

  9. Medical Coder.

  10. Adjunct Faculty.

  11. Systems Analyst.

  12. Program/Project Manager.

  13. UI/UX Designer.

  14. Travel Counselor.

  15. Insurance Adjuster.

  16. Graphic Designer.

  17. Bilingual Interpreter.

  18. SEO/Marketing Assistant.

  19. Director of Business Development.

  20. Marketing Manager.


As for the job categories that have the greatest demand for remote work positions, they are as follows:

  1. Healthcare.

  2. Education.

  3. Sales.

  4. Information Technology.

  5. Administrative.


The question now is, how do you find your first (or your next) telecommuting gig? I would suggest any of the following four methods:


1. Ask around.


Send out feelers among your family members, friends, former colleagues, and perhaps even your high school or college batchmates. Given how increasingly common telecommuting is becoming these days, you’re bound to come across a referral from anyone in your network.


2. Leverage social media.


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Employers with the largest remote work programs often get the word out through their official social media accounts. If you’re actively seeking to work with them in this manner, you may want to curate your own social media profiles (don’t forget to delete those embarrassing Happy Hour photos!) and follow those of your dream employer’s.


3. Use the right keywords on search engines.

Use the right keywords on search engines

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If you prefer to use your favorite search engine, typing in the right keywords can expedite matters. Here is a list of the most common ones used by legitimate companies to advertise their remote work openings.


Ironically, don’t use the phrase “work from home” as this is often employed by fraudulent agencies or employers.


4. Register on a remote work website.

  Register on a remote work website  

There are quite a handful of legitimate and excellent hubs for telecommuting jobs right now, and you can maintain active accounts with a few of them to get dibs on the latter.


On a final note, do watch out for scammers that seek to exploit those looking to work remotely. Beware of any arrangements that ask for your credit card information or require you to shell out a “registration fee” before you can be considered for remote work. As with anything involving your personal identity, security is key.

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