12 Filipino Songs For Valentine’s Day

Australia may be the land of dreams but the Philippines will always have a place in our hearts.


Like one of Rico J Puno’s cheesiest song goes “alaala ng tayo’s mag sweetheart pa, namamasyal pa sa Luneta…”


February seem to have a way of making us remember some of those “kilig” memories we had back home (and turning us into love sick people).


Like when you first met the “one”, or the time you first got your heart broken. Or maybe where you first fell in love and where you said yes. The places where you both started to dream of a life together.


And as Pinoys, all of those little moments have a theme song.



by True Faith  

That moment you realized that you are actually with someone who is perfect for you. No matter how much you deny or how much you fight it you just can’t help but sing “ooh she’s perfect.”


And like most people hit by cupid you decide what to do next. Pondering if you should continue with it “Kung OK Lang Sa’yo” or maybe thinking “Huwag na Lang Kaya”.



by Parokya ni Edgar  

Part of the Philippine traditional courting is the harana or the serenade. Harana seldom happens now especially in the cities around the country.


So, when the band Parokya ni Edgar (known for songs that are more rock, novelty types) sang about a boy planning to serenade his love interest despite the modern times, it was a hit.


Besides what girl would not agree (even just a little bit) that indeed “puno ang langit ng bituin…” the moment someone starts to sing a love song.


So Slow

by Freestyle  

Freestyle is famous for other songs but “So Slow” reflects the conservative nature of most Filipinas.


If you want to find out more about dating Filipinas check this read.


So if you are dating one, take heed before they sing “Before I Let You Go” instead of “Till I Found You.”


Freestyle has some of the most iconic songs during their time including a version of “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang Dumating.”


Ikaw ang Aking Mahal VST and Co


For some reason this song makes me feel so at home as the members of VST sing at the background.


It is a classic song that reassures a lover that there is no one else – “sa hilaga, o sa timog o kanluran, kahit saan pa man.”



by APO  

Another classic OPM song, this time from the APO Hiking Society – very big band-ish sound and very Filipino at the same time.


“Shubidoo bidoo wow!”


It somehow reflects how religious Filipinos are – praying for that special someone to come and stay for a lifetime.


Maging Sino Ka Man

by Rey Valera  

For me, Rey Valera is one of the seriously romantic composers and singers out there.


His song “Maging Sino Ka Man” is the battle cry for Filipinos who are facing an against all odds (mostly, their parents) drama. Loving someone regardless of their background – a teenage father, a family business rival or a convict – why not? As the song goes, “mahal kita maging sino ka man”.



by Wency Cornejo  

Having a relationship that is against all odds may take its toll. Or sometimes, when everything is settled, your relationship may feel like it does not have that same spark. So you ask “hanggang saan, hangang kalian…”


Wency Cornejo’s song reassures of a love that would last for no one else but the significant other.


Now That I have You

by The Company  

“Now that I have you, everything just seem so right…”


This is a sweet song that makes a listener’s heart settle into a sigh of content.  Finally, you have found the one.


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We all want to hear a promise of forever from our significant other, a reassurance that we will be together for life no matter what.


Such promises are found in almost every original Filipino love song around. These three are one of the most romantic and memorable of them:


Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin

by Ariel Rivera    


by Side A    

Kahit Maputi na Ang Buhok Ko

by Rey Valera    

We may not be in the Philippines this valentine’s day but we can put the feeling back by playing some of our favorite original Pilipino music.


This Valentine ’s Day, queue your love story’s theme song as you dine together (physically or virtually) reminiscing the past and dreaming of a life to spend together forever.


Live your happy ever after!

  Special thanks to DinoLara for the main image.
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