12 Attitudes You Need to Change About Money

Do you find yourself scratching your head when you learned you are out of cash again?


Are you puzzled how other people seem to have more than you do? They go on travels overseas, spend money on nice things like designer bags and shoes or the latest gadgets.


Do you ask yourself how they can afford it even if you earn more than they do?


May be you do own more than you think but you need a little tweaking at how you view your money.


Ms. Paula Pants of affordanything.com teaches readers about the “12 Essential Lessons You Must Learn About Money and Life.” Here’s the gist:

  1. “I can’t afford that…”

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Stop thinking that you can’t afford anything. Thinking negatively about things would only attract negativity back. And of course, if you think too much that you can’t have something you may feel bad after a while, feel deprived and buy the item recklessly.


Think instead, “Yes I can.” Then, ask yourself “How do I afford it?” This may mean thinking of what things you can sacrifice as a trade off – like not buying that expensive cuppa for a while or getting an odd job.

  1. “Can I buy that?”

trying to save money

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Start asking the question “How can I” rather than “Can I?” and refrain from thinking “I can’t”


Instead of thinking “I can’t save.” Try thinking about “How can I save an extra amount this month?”


Be comfortable asking questions and finding answers. Challenge yourself to find solutions, you will find that there are many options out there.

  1. Money does not matter

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It does. Why else would you need to work 40 hours a week if it doesn’t?


If you have the money, you can choose between that LBD or a sexy red dress. But aside from those purchases, money can afford you options that would change how you live your life entirely.


Money lets you choose between big decisions in life like switching jobs, relocating, or retiring early.


You can only make those choices if you have the money – you do not need a lot of money before you make the choice. You just need enough money to exercise your choice.


Although, this means, you are past worrying about daily expenses because you are beyond that – you figured it out already.


To move in this zone, you also have to embrace that yes, money matters. It does not need to control your life but you need it to make the life you choose possible.

  1. I will earn money and save so I can enjoy time with family in the future

family with dog

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If you are single, then yes maybe this works. You work extra hard now to save for a family in the future. However, if you have a family now, spending time with them is as important as working hard.


Money can be earned but time can run out. Use your money to buy time to spend with the people you love.


In addition, saving money is a great habit but if saving money cost you an extra hour driving from one store to another to find the best price then stop. The difference between the price of groceries and the amount of time and energy you spent going around may not be practical. It may be better to spend that extra centavo so you will have extra time for yourself and your family.


Beside aren’t we saving because we want ourselves, and our family to have a happy life? That happiness can start now. Spending precious time together is better than spending money for each other.

  1. Follow traditional path to success

Follow traditional path to success

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Traditionally, our parents would advice that we buy our own house and car.


This is everyone’s dream – only most people who pursued this end up owing a lot of debt up until retirement age.


Some people, especially the younger generation are challenging this norm. They put their money where they would feel happiest – in experiences like travelling the world.


Again, this is your choice.

  1. Thinking that an investment is going to boom in the future

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Investing is scary idea and it may not be for everyone. However, if you do decide to invest, remember to study the deal and invest on what it currently is, not on what you hope it would be in the future.


One truth about investment is “You make your money going in, not coming out.”

  1. Saving money is the only way to go

Saving money is the only way to go

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We are always told to save, save, save.


It is a good habit, but it is not the only way to get rich. You also have to earn, earn, earn.


Boost your earnings by getting side jobs, creating passive income, launching a business and investing.


When you earn more, you save more. When you save more you get to your ideal financial capacity and freedom sooner.


So, hustle.

  1. Get a job and work your way to the top

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This idea is the reason behind that crappy rat race most of us are in. Unfortunately not all of us can climb up that ladder and not all promotions would increase our income as much as we hoped.


We should instead think differently, instead of climbing up, maybe we can think of looking around and being involved in different income generating activities.


According to Ms. Pants, the core of money management is to “create the gap. Invest the gap. Repeat until the gap can perpetuate itself.”  She explains that “the gap is the space between your income and your spending.” The goal is to make the gap wider – farther apart. Meaning, you should aim to earn more and spend less.


The idea is for your investments to cover your day-to-day living expenses while also growing the gap, making your money earn more money.

  1. Jotting expenses and budgets to the smallest detail

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This kind of budgeting may not be for everyone. consistently failing at this may make you want to just not do it at all.


If budgeting is hard to pull off, and jotting things are too restrictive for you then maybe you can try a different approach.


It is not something new, but it may be something that you should stick with if budgeting is not the thing for you.


Save an X amount first and then spend the rest – however you like. As long as you put that X amount in your savings. If you run out of cash, DO NOT touch your savings.


It is also better to save money in activities that increases your net worth like paying off debt, investing in real estate and retirement accounts and having a savings account.

  1. It’s too late for me to start saving

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May be a few weeks, months or years ago you read that “the time to start saving is now,” unfortunately you never were really able to start saving. By now, you may feel it is too late to join the saving club.


I tell you this, the time to start saving is still now. Yes, still now. Because you are not yet late in starting one – but do not keep pushing the date farther.


If you are nowhere near any savings or investment or you want to increase the amount try the One Percent Challenge.


No matter how much you save last month, save an additional one per cent every month. If you follow this one percent challenge, you’ll save 50 percent in 4 years.


You could also try to look for ways to earn an extra 1 percent per month – doubles your net worth faster.

  1. I will retire at 60 or 65 years old, I have enough savings by then

enjoying vacation

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Do not wait for your 60 plus years to retire. Life is short, enjoy it when you can.


Again, this is a choice that having money can offer you. At the same time, it may be the wisest investment you can make now.


Consider retiring early and often as a long vacation, a sabbatical to prevent yourself from having a burn out. Make it time for you to re-energize, get inspired and up skill.


It does not mean you have to quit your job and close shops all at once. The idea is that you have the option to quit if you choose.


Look around, the most successful figures in modern society are the ones who have the freedom to stop working because their money can cover their lifestyle for a lifetime. BUT, they choose to work because it is their passion not because they need it for money.

  1. Only lucky people gets rich

financial decision making

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 I believe that luck goes with people who work hard. Do not lose faith in your hard work, it will eventually pay off.  

Work hard now  and stop making excuses. Think of your potential income as unlimited, not fixed.  Look for answers and not obstacles.Think abundance, not scarcity.


Never underestimate the power of your will and hard work.




You may want to try these suggestions for a life with more freedom to choose how we want to live it.


You deserve it.

Candice C

Candice is a school teacher and a mother, She loves writing about practical guides and of course, parenting advice.


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