10 NSW Beaches Worth the Roadtrip

There’s no denying that summer is truly upon us, what with the heat wafting through the streets and into our homes from morning till dusk. Still, there is perhaps one consolation about the torturous summer season in the Philippines, and that’s the abundance of beautiful beaches all over the country.


Because if you’re going to fry to a golden-brown (black?) crisp, you may as well do it amidst beautiful surroundings, right?


But this article isn’t about the Philippines’ most beautiful beaches as God knows there are already too many such lists out there, and many of our readers probably have their own picks lined up for this summer.


Rather, today, we’ll be focusing on ten of the loveliest beaches in Australia (particularly in New South Wales, where we reckon majority of our beach-loving Filipino clients are based). So should you Aussie Pinoys miss the pristine beauty of our shores this time of year, a road trip to any of the following destinations ought to help allay those pangs of homesickness:


1. Palm Beach, Sydney.


Palm Beach


Located 45 km from Sydney’s CBD, this beach is great for a quick saltwater dip, as well as a vigorous hike at the nearby Barrenjoey Head. The view from the top is said to be quite unforgettable.


2. Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay.

Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay

Image Credit: AskBeach


Though it’s farther from Sydney (i.e., 191 km), Hyams Beach is known to be one of the best beaches in the area. It’s even been noted by the Guinness World Book of Records for having the whitest sand in the whole world.


3. Main Beach, Byron Bay.

Main Beach, Byron Bay

Image Credit: Echo Net Daily


As its name suggests, Main Beach is really popular among the locals. A bunch of cafes and restaurants are also nearby in case you get peckish from all that swimming.


4. Greenfield Beach, Jervis Bay.


Image Credit: Producer Sarah Moss


Soft, white sand. Calm, blue waters. A peaceful, quiet atmosphere. Need I say more?


5. Stanwell Park Beach, Stanwell Park.

Stanwell Park Beach

Image Credit: Michael Sutton


Forget Bondi Beach, which is sometimes swarmed by tourists and locals in the summer. Though an hour’s drive away from the Sydney CBD, Stanwell Park Beach is the place to be if you want to enjoy the sand and sea in a less chaotic environment.


6. Lennox Beach, Lennox Head, north of Ballina.

Lennox Beach, Lennox Head, north of Ballina

Image Credit: Surfline


Lennox Beach’s fine golden sands and relatively cool waters alone are already worth the considerable drive getting here, but what makes this beach really stand out are the waves on this side of the ocean; Lennox Beach is considered to be one of Australia’s National Surfing Reserves, after all.


7. Seal Rocks Bay, Seal Rocks.


Image Credit: Oregon Woman


Are you into water sports like snorkelling and paddle-boarding? You’ll love Seal Rocks Bay then.


This little hideaway is also perfect if you want to pitch a tent and spend an evening falling asleep to the sound of waves softly crashing under a clear night sky.


8. Wategos Beach, Byron Bay.

Wategos Beach, Byron Bay

Image Credit: Expedia.com.au


This beach gem is protected by surrounding headlands, making its pristine, almost untouched beauty perfect for those #nofilter shots on Instagram. Apart from the swimming and surfing, Wategos Beach is apparently also great for dolphin-watching.


9. Green Patch Beach in Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay.

Green Patch Beach

Image Credit: Expedia.com.au


As with Seal Rocks Bay, you can also camp out onsite for the night at Green Patch Beach, giving you more time to enjoy all that this spectacular place can offer.


10. Red Rock Beach, Coffs Harbor.

Red Rock Beach, Coffs Harbor

Image Credit: Weekend Notes


Heading to Queensland anytime soon? You may want to drop by Red Rock Beach on the way there. Its cooling waters and literal red rocks might prove to be a welcome break during the long road trip.

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