10 Best Sites for Finding Remote Work Opportunities

When you hear the words “remote worker,” what image comes to mind? A Zuckerberg-type, monosyllabic twentysomething (though Zuckerberg is now in his 30’s, mind you) coding away in a hoodie? A stay-at-home mom transcribing written reports before she gets started on dinner?


That may have been accurate in the past, but now that remote work is becoming ever more mainstream, it’s no longer the sole domain of fresh graduates finding their footing in the working world or new parents looking for something productive to do in their spare time. These days, the poster child for telecommuting is a 40-something college graduate raking in up to USD60,000 annually as the VP of Marketing or finance at a company comprised of 100+ employees.


Intrigued? Why not give remote working a shot by checking out the listings on any of the following sites?

  1. Flexjobs


    With over 50 career categories spanning part-time and full-time work for both entry-level and executive positions, this directory is one of the most comprehensive. Plus, they already screen their listings beforehand so you don’t have to worry about encountering any shady offers on this website.

  3. Remote.co


    As with Flexjobs, Remote.co also curates its listings and segregates them by type so it’s easier for remote workers to find suitable employment.

  5. Skip the Drive


    Named after one obvious benefit of working remotely (i.e., skipping that ghastly drive to work in the mornings), this aptly-named site has a pretty straightforward layout that features a decent list of remote job offerings as well as blog entries with helpful tips for navigating this new frontier.

  7. We Work Remotely


    With a catchphrase like “Office Not Required” and listings for remote jobs covering tasks from customer service to programming, you’re sure to find great remote opportunities from some of the hottest tech companies on this site.

  9. Remotive.io


    Rodolphe Dutel, the website’s founder, hasn’t worked in an office since 2014 and he’s sought to make that a reality for many aspiring remote workers by creating an open spreadsheet of 200+ startups hiring remotely. Though Remotive.io is a relatively new player, it boasts excellent circulation (15,000-strong) and curates listings from over 20 countries.

  11. PowerToFly


    In keeping with the times, PowerToFly was established to help give women in the workforce a leg-up when it comes to breaking that glass ceiling. The companies and jobs curated on this site were especially handpicked for their flexibility, competitive compensation, and family-friendly benefits.

  13. Working Nomads


    If you would prefer that the job search comes to you, you can opt for daily or weekly emails regarding the job offers available on Working Nomads. How’s that for convenience?

  15. Jobscribe


    Jobscribe also sends daily emails featuring remote job listings at tech startups, but what sets their service apart is that you can specify what sort of job you’re looking for, be it design, front-end development, mobile app development, or marketing.

  17. Dribble


    This remote jobs source caters specifically to graphic designers looking for their next telecommuting gig, and by its own description, is a venue for “show and tell.”

  19. Toptal Business


    If you’re a top-tier consultant looking to expand your client base, Toptal Business is right up your alley. From email marketing expertise to financial modeling, this business site is perfect for high-level executives seeking to get rid of their daily commute altogether.


The previous list is but a handful of all the websites that offer remote work opportunities out there, and there’s bound to be more as telecommuting becomes the norm. You need not limit yourself to online searches, however. A quick scan of your Facebook feed ought to give you leads on other remote work opportunities out there too.

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